1. I suggest landing at lumber. It usually has 4-5 bots/other players you can just mow through. Then go about your round like normal

  2. Sleepy/Shiny Sound also has a lot of bot drops. I regularly get more than 6 kill games dropping there and I'm a fairly substandard player

  3. Making fun of bots then goes and does exactly what the bots do and is most likely a bot itself

  4. The "making fun of bots" replies are worse than the main bot replies.

  5. Okay you're either trolling or extremely gullible.

  6. You can't unlock Page 10 until you finish every other prior page

  7. You can unlock it by getting to level 90. That's why it says "Reach Level 90 OR Redeem (number) rewards". I have seen no fewer than 7 different commenters share a similar sentiment and, honestly, it's astounding that people don't know this

  8. Critical Drinker when you tell him that alcohol and drunkenness is often associated with nonsense and not logic and reason (it's on brand for him)

  9. it's probably not gonna top The End 2, not because it will be bad (hopefully), but just because The End 2 was so good. I hope Epic will make me eat my words tho. I wish my PS4 didn't glitch out halfway through the event and boot me to the "character on a log" screen tho

  10. Hold on, PVZ3? Since when? Have I been living under a rock??

  11. PopCap made a few seperate early access versions of PvZ3, both of which have changed the mechanics drastically from PvZ2. The first one got rid of sun producers all together and just had sun accumulate automatically. They also changed it to portrait mode for some reason. The second one brought Sunflowers back and reverted the orientation back to landscape but they also, amongst other things: relegated plants like Blover, Jalapeño and Cherry Bomb to power-ups, had fixed plant set ups (which were a thing in PvZ2 but only in select levels), had a lives mechanic similar to many other mobile games and, just in general, made it feel even more like a stereotypical mobile game than even PvZ2 (which, even though I like, I will acknowledge that it's monetization system isn't good, especially with Penny's Pursuit which also does the whole "lives" thing)

  12. Pre-Devourer Polar Peak, Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet. I am in no way biased with my choices

  13. In Endgame, Korg and Thor are playing Fortnite but, since the production staff aren't actually time travellers, they're still playing C1 Fortnite in 2023

  14. "New update: No more new skins, y'all have complained too much"

  15. I actually had no idea what Fortran was until I saw the "Wheel of Fortran" slot machine in the background of one of the episodes (probably Viva Mars Vegas).

  16. I assume what they mean is that RT scores only really shift based on if a review was positive or negative, rather than, say, a 10/10 shifting the score more than a 6/10 (I know they do have average review scores which are a lot more like IMDB and Metacritic but, when most people go to Rotten Tomatoes to see what people thought of a film, they use the Tomatometer) e.g Iron Man got a 94% on RT's Tomatometer whereas it's Metacritic score is 79 (The average review score on RT was 7.7/10 btw). I see the Tomatometer as moreso "What percentage of viewers enjoyed the film?" rather than specifically "How good was the film?"

  17. Ok, lol, you're assuming someone else thinks RT scores have no credibility because they misunderstand what an RT score means?

  18. I mean, yeah. That's what they said. They openly said "RT scores have no credibility"

  19. All I see is a chest full of comments that get made on fortnites tweets

  20. Nah, it's a chest full of item shop comments sections

  21. Not all these comments forgetting about the Assassin's Creed hidden blades

  22. Damn... we live in a timeline where we are getting new Futurama episodes. I dont know how to feel. Optimistic? Pessimistic? Will there be new classics like Luck of the Fryrish and The Late Philip J Fry? Or will it mostly be stinkers due to the writers being rusty?

  23. I'm optimistic about most of these episodes. Of course, "Zapp gets Cancelled" is easily the one that I worry about the most, since they could easily just go down the route of "Damn cancel culture, we're not allowed to make jokes anymore"

  24. Is that a real thumbnail from the episode? If so I see my man scruffy!

  25. The thumbnail is from Into the Wild Green Yonder. It's just a placeholder for now

  26. All of them besides #3 are objectively better for the games evolution, if the game started with the current UI and changed to the old ones the sub would have the same complaint. This is just a mixture of nostalgia from OG’s and this is different from the newer people.

  27. Not only that, but the quest UI was changed just a few seasons later where it's basically identical to C1's quest UI in a functionality sense. It's segmented into different categories like the daily, weekly (renamed to season challenges) and bonus challenges just like the old UI. Additionally, the main problem with C2S5's quest system, being bogged down by NPC quests that only rewards you with gold, has been straight up removed

  28. You are allowed to complain. I hate how this sub just worships everything Epic does and any legitimate complaint is just brushed off as a “whiner”

  29. I've seen far more posts complaining about stuff than those who like said stuff. I saw about 20 seperate posts over the past few days about Fortnitemares being bad, all of which have their highest upvoted comments sharing that same sentiment, and only 1 positive post. Rarely do i ever see people complaining about the game get brushed aside as "whiners".In fact, it feels like the exact opposite is true (in this post's comments at least) where people who do like it are brushed off as paid actors and "not wanting to see their favourite game get criticised". Same thing happened when C3S3 and C3S4 came out, a majority of posts that were about the battle pass were declaring it one of the worst in the entirety of Fortnite's existence (which i agree with, despite still liking it). A few other examples: Complaints about events, complaints about the C2 map or C2 in general (throughout the entire chapter), complaints about the loot pool, complaints about the current meta, complaints about rare skins not being in the item shop (I absolutely get this one and wish Epic would avoid putting the featured and daily shops in a 30 day loop), Complaints about locked cosmetics (I also get this one). Hell, I even remember when people complained about Skull Trooper not being in the item shop during Spring/Summer 2018 and then, when it came back in 2018's Fortnitemares, people still complained about it because "it was no longer an OG cosmetic".

  30. I really liked it up until the final episode. That one, I didn't.

  31. I did like the final episode cuz I'm a fan of meta humor but I can understand if it was too much for some people. Idk why you got downvoted though

  32. Honestly, the complaint that annoys me most at this point is "bad/lazy writing" because the complaint basically never actually explains how it's bad/lazy, which is in and of itself lazy writing. Then, a good chunk of the times it is explained, it boils down to "I didn't like it". Not liking something is not the same as it being bad/lazy writing.

  33. I tend to try and separate whether something is good and me personally enjoying something (since I don't know a goddamn thing about the creative process). Like, I enjoyed L&T but it certainly does have issues that drag it down. Just because you enjoy something doesn't mean it's objectively good but that also means that just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's objectively bad. That's for the actual professional critics to decide (though, of course, they're not infallible either).

  34. It’s funny how much you’re hyping up 2021’s, because back when it was happening people thought that it was garbage compared to all the others

  35. I guarantee that, in 2023, people will be saying that this year's Fortnitemares was so much better than the next one, no matter how good 2023's Fortnitemares is.


  37. "Hello, we'd like to buy 3 copies of 'Fortnite Tips and Tricks - An Unofficial Guide' please"

  38. Thanks for telling us that. Now, I shall wait until that emote comes into the item shop so I can release sounds that wouldn't seem out of place on a Roblox SCP game

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