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  1. We probably getting a 3rd qb, this class is pretty loaded tooq

  2. And that's my point. Ridder is a top tier qb 2 , it's likely they like the rookie and start him.

  3. Why don't just win bets like a normal person.

  4. NATO is a terrorist organization

  5. My hot take: Egbuka is the better player. 😳

  6. Crazy how ppl forget Egbuka had his name called this whole past season

  7. Adrian Peterson is the last guy I remember watching in college and believing that he would be top 5 at his position in the NFL at the same time. Not just physically gifted or potential, but already there and just waiting.

  8. That first run versus Iowa state when he broke his collarbone still plays in my head along with his first run in OT versus Boise

  9. That's a very wide generalization and therefore untrue. Starbucks unions alone disprove it.

  10. I honestly kind of like a Nolan Smith pick if we sign Campbell and Goldman doesn’t retire again. We can run 3-4 fronts and a guy like Nolan thrives playing OLB in that scheme and gives you a lot of versatility. Hyperathletic, smart, great leader, established production and great tape. And having the personnel to switch fronts with a guy like Nielsen at DC is probably a huge advantage.

  11. People still drink that coffee, even though they don't care about their workers

  12. Me: I'll never forget the 5 Ds of dodgeaxe

  13. Don't hate the players, hate the game.

  14. I need this video overlayed with all the talking points about how horrible the insurrection was

  15. Why was Bagley such a must play? None of my research tools even had him on the radar yet over half the field played this guy who never smashes like that.

  16. I played aj too. 41 low risk, high reward w dej out. He been the 6,7 man and had some hot games. If he played through the blow out he probably would of smashed

  17. It's all about impact for me. Good skill, top tier Athleticism and good health

  18. This is basically worst case scenario IMO, and also roughly how I expect it to shake out unfortunately. I don't particularly want them to reach for a second tier EDGE out of need, and I'm not personally convinced any of the DBs are worthy of a top ten pick. I understand it being controversial, but if it falls like this, I'm going Bijan.

  19. Bijan is almost as good as Gibbs out wide imo, he's absolutely going first between the two

  20. Hebert from LA Tech maybe a hidden gem, steal. Very explosive 6' 3 229lb WR that's being labeled a TE/FB

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