1. You need purity therapy now. Caring about the planet is one of the most gheydix things ever.

  2. Getting kissed by a woman. Sounds kinda gay?

  3. When a forty year old man chimes in on these topics as this abysmal example of living tissue has, I automatically believe they are a potential pedophile.

  4. Female: This hurts and I should see a doctor.

  5. There's one of his fellow drag queens from back in the day that is behind this, I just know it. They have something that if found out would fuck shit up in no way he can recover from.

  6. And we'll chalk this up as a win for everyone but Russia.

  7. Who knew stupid people couldn't run an education system?

  8. I don't ever really teabag. never post or say anything toxic. never said "ez" at the end of a match.

  9. I was gonna say that it was a real nice suit, too. but no getting past it.

  10. I'm betting Danielle with open her mouth and sink her election bid. I'm a cup half full person.

  11. So long as it's enough water for her campaign to drown in, I'm with ya.

  12. Reprimanded? Fuck that. They should have fired her ass.

  13. Affoman is about to get some more of that weed money.

  14. Greetings from the UK. Basically the account was compromised, was rebranded as a Tesla account, went live with an old video with famous investors and Elon Musk, and tried the classic old "donate bitcoin to this address and we'll send double back" scam.

  15. Why is every time traveler fucking British or English..ish?

  16. She lasted four days longer than I did legitimately attending high school.

  17. Choke out with those hands? More like, lightly caress their neck areas like a gossamer scarf

  18. Canada: Just turn off the lights and pretend we're not home. Just ignore the door.

  19. You're right, I shouldn't have assumed.

  20. Oh there was never any offense at all. I'm mostly sarcasm and forget the /s

  21. Phantasy Star is sega master system and arguably one of the best rpgs of its time. 1-4 (2-4 being on the genesis) all take place in the same star system and storyline.

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