1. Sure bud. Got one right next to me. Solved multiple times. Although I'm actually really slow, 02:06 best time.

  2. Stop building rockets. Using just glowstone and water, we can reach it! Our second moon, Aether!

  3. Good temporary solution, but nothing more

  4. If we're already doing gibberish thenagsifwgwiusfsgwgsjtsnrjwfwhwjgqfgwifiqgsosisfiagjgidigq

  5. First of all, you're awesome for asking and wanting to comfort your Nibling!

  6. Someone doesn't understand what a globe is and thinks it's just a fancy map

  7. On the among us homescreen there are a dozen or so buttons. One of them is the dollar symbol ($). Click on that and go to nameplates

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