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  1. Ork: miss me with that 'weapon accuracy' shit. tin shooting everything. im laying down cover fire. in shooting the walls. im shooting my teammates. im shooting myself. my accuracy is 100% yell just dont know what im aiming at

  2. The only daughter of the God Emperor of mankind!

  3. Challenge her in bed. Even if I lose. I lose in my own terms.

  4. Size comparison? You might get called on for modeling advantage if it's to small

  5. New idea. "My childhood friend who I thought was a girl acting and pretending to be a boy was actually just a cute boy. The mangas lied to me!"

  6. They should show all the pictures of active 3 star on it. Just for clarity

  7. Astarte skeleton: I am a son of the emperor! I shall never be bonded to your foul flesh.

  8. Bro ingat sa truck pag gamit Yan . Bka ma punta ka sa iBang Mundo.

  9. Me spamming foot soldier in shield mode and rifle man

  10. A yes. A full terminator army of custodes wearing the spare armor of all the primarchs

  11. Kasi kalaban natin japan Nung ww2. Kaya karamihan na itunuturo ay Yung laban natin sa Japan. Para sa iba. Ang nazi at SI Hitler ay parang kalaban na boss sa movie/games. Kaya sa tingin nila astig.

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