1. Ima be honest with you, chief. No one cares to support your childlike tantrum. The split happened. There will be a brief time of suffering for us all until the skilled ones work out of it again. I suffered a bit today too. It's how splits work. Stop being a bitch.

  2. help teammates, legend maybe be bad or good, depends on how well you play the legend, even if its a bad legend, they might still kill you, so having the whole squad would be good

  3. holy shit, you have no idea how many people are complaining about solo mode at the same time complaining about teammates running off from their teammates.

  4. How ideal is it to get him a few girlfriends? I don’t want him to be lonely?

  5. Bettas are territorial, and sororities can be successful mostly if its only females.

  6. "finally a worthy opponent. our battle will be legendary"

  7. It's glitch and figure, I have a idea for figure and seek though.

  8. Oml i didnt see it there on the first slide 😭 i was focusing on fusion not the words lol

  9. Its kinda like rhapsody's ult (an apex mobile character who has an ult who basically projects a holographic shield), since they both put up a kind of shield only to distract or just block the sight of players, even bloodhound's ult. It would be too op if they included bullet blocking

  10. is it better with a cube bowl (sorry dont know the english word for it)? it is a pretty big bowl with around 15L of water

  11. Yeah, a cube bowl or aka basically an aquarium is fine lol with heater and filter along with some substrate.

  12. If it doesn’t brush off easily, could it be a fungus?

  13. That's just fins mate, there's 6 ottos and rest shrimp in there mate

  14. L star is EMG, rampage and devotion are the only two guns in the game with LMG in their name.

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