1. ah, made it sound like it was mostly davide’s fault.

  2. I mean Davide was despised as they thought his coaching was shit after Carlo gave him more control

  3. They could be wrong, and a lot of time has passed since then

  4. Of course not. Because that might have been good.

  5. It’d have been the end of the club

  6. Going to tell myself red bull is still interested and buying the club

  7. Kenwright has caused monumentally more direct and indirect damage to the club than Moshiri could ever dream of

  8. That’ll sort our financial crisis out

  9. Has Moshiri meddling ever worked? Like Carlo was decent, but that was pure luck and a fuck load of money, and that didnt even end up with any stability, and resulted in an even bigger fuck up.

  10. Ancelotti is obviously a great manager but his appointment cost the club heavily

  11. You're spot on about how much Moshiri wanting a superstar manager utterly fucked us in that situation.

  12. Yep, it was clear as day that our spending needed to have future return in mind but we gambled and lost. Let’s not forget Arteta was also seemingly available!

  13. Unless that 500m includes the costs to guarantee the BMD stadium gets finished, I don’t see him getting anything close to that amount. Can’t imagine an investor will put down money on a club with as much debt as Everton when it’s value could potentially be halved in six months by (likely) relegation.

  14. £500m is the valuation of the club, i.e. both debt and equity

  15. How is it that every comment of yours reads like satire

  16. I'm convinced they saw the state of him (looked like he hadn't slept in weeks) and played hardball to try and negotiate down on the settlement figure of 10m

  17. It’s only £10m if he’s paid monthly

  18. Hopefully Thelwell's list isn't including dyche because it's including Gallardo and Franck Haise and Philippe Clement, not because it's including Big Sam and Alan Pardew.

  19. It’ll be his 3-5-2 champions

  20. I think we are all broken individuals, it's what Everton does to you. I used to be happy once.

  21. It’s definitely character building

  22. Includes PR and personal brand management in his job description

  23. 100%. Imagine we were decisive and took action before the World Cup. Got a good appointment and had them training all the way through the World Cup ready for this “easy” run of fixtures we just had. Table could look completely different. Just sad man. Really hope we can appoint the right man now and get a solid manager bounce

  24. We didn’t even need to win the games, just not losing all four would help…

  25. Why? Genuine question by the way cos I certain can't be arsed reading it.

  26. I try to read everything relevant and current to Everton

  27. I know he's a bad signing but he isn't a bad player like McNeil. I can only assume Lampard said he would play him and get goals out of him on his just vibes tactics since we aren't privy to their conversations. But that's hardly the DoFs fault if a manager says he's happy with a player and then uses tactics that play to his weaknesses. He would have done the same with Ings and Brererton to equally dismal results. If he gets the time to use Danjuma I doubt he's gonna set the world alight.

  28. I’m not sure I understand your argument. Are you saying the DOF can’t be blamed for a signing that has completely flopped?

  29. Maupay outscored Ings last season and has a better injury record. He has a better championship record than Diaz who hasn't even hit double figures yet this year. If we signed Ings or Diaz neither would have scored goals for us. Not a single striker scores goals in this system which has a goalkeeper tied for second place on assists. The only thing that might have worked would've been a target man who would've at least held the ball up whilst getting no chances but what shouldve happened was sacking Frank after the Leicester game.

  30. Anyone who’s watched both Ings and Maupay play knows that Ings is about a million times more appropriate as a DCL back-up than Maupay

  31. Feels to me like we are too skint to sack Frank, if we also want to sign players. If we could, he would be gone already. Seems like the board have 2 options

  32. Compensation package law is pretty ambiguous, it’s not as straightforward as ‘to sack Lampard we need to pay him X’

  33. Wolves have built some squad now

  34. I’m not saying relegation is certain, I’m saying it’s probable

  35. Lol relax man I’m not banning anything. But everyone and their mother on this sub is just repeating the same thing ad nauseam and it’s just ridiculous and annoying at this point. Like we all know we might go down. I agree frank should have been gone long ago. I can’t fix that. It’s just so tiresome reading the same thing over and over. I mean it’s the same as last year. We looked way more likely to go down later last season and then we pulled out some unlikely results. I guess I’d just rather try and stay upbeat and think about how we might be able to salvage the season than to sit around and mope for the next 4 months that we might go down and just copy and paste everyone else’s responses on every post

  36. But he’s not (legally) the financier. In fact, there’s potential money laundering and sanctions breaches if he is or has financed the club.

  37. I know that but I’m not sure what point you’re making

  38. That Moshiri and not the board are pulling the shots as the board would not allow someone who is club staff to attend interviews of potential managers. Moshiri makes decisions as the voice box for Usmanov who is ultimate calling the shots.

  39. You might not be wrong but the logic is

  40. It’s hard for incompetence to recognise incompetence

  41. We had access to money right up to the moment Putin rolled his tanks into Ukraine. Don’t think we’re rich now.

  42. It’s linked to our financial restriction with the PL because of our massive qualifying losses

  43. You don't think any lower table side would want Tarkowski or Patterson? And decent left backs are in pretty short supply right now.

  44. Decent left backs sure are in short supply, but we don’t have one

  45. Onana was decent again but it’s not hard for them to stand out in our midfield is it!

  46. Everyone is so fucking salty that Danjuma has joined us. Now all of a sudden Gordon is better than him and Dango is better than him and so on. What a hectic couple of days.

  47. Are they? I’m not sure anyone cares

  48. Fair enough - I’ve not seen anything!

  49. When the value of a mismanaged asset decreases it’s not a discount, it’s just worth less. I don’t know what you mean anymore.

  50. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/at-a-discount.asp

  51. I never said he was stripping any assets I’m saying he’s made the club worth less when it would be worth twice as much. I don’t even know who the fuck the Oyston’s are.

  52. The implication is that he won’t sell unless he gets full price, and that he won’t sell at a discount just because we’ve gone down

  53. Well if he’s up for a challenge we’ve got a hell of a one for him to get into. That’s the kind of attitude we want though, someone who wants to fight

  54. It’s a fairly easy sell against that competition

  55. Where does he play? Who's spot does he take? McNeil/Gordon?

  56. His best position is the same as Gray and Gordon, a left forward who hugs the touchline and runs into the box to shoot off his right foot

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