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  1. The rise of someone like Kuvira in the aftermath of such chaos has happened countless times in our own history. I think they did a good job of showing why ideologies like Zaheer's don't work. Someone new is always going to fill that power vacuum, it's just human nature.

  2. We saw that super prominently after the French Revolution! Which is why it's so important to build a strong government with a functioning democracy. A weak government can be bought out, curtailing voting rights for minorities and poor people makes it so the richest stay in power.

  3. Yes. Everyone I know have worked them. Frequently multiple in a row. Even then they can't afford anything.

  4. I mean, I can agree up until the ‘not funny’ part

  5. Did sokka not make funny faces? That is why i love him.

  6. Yes. Atla has a simpler art style, more cartoonish designs, and a younger cast. The stakes are a lot simpler. Evil man wants to rule the world. This lends itself to being a bit more absurd with the humor. I can't recall a time a joke took me out of the show.

  7. Say what you will about LOK, this group had great chemistry! (When they weren't absolutely terrible to each other)

  8. Personally, obviously everyone can feel how they want. They are the problem with LOK. So I will say they have interesting, villains, arcs, bending and world building. The part of the show that is weak is the main crew, aside from Korra.

  9. I always feel comfortable. My partner needs to remind she doesn't feel comfortable walking after dark. Something I just took for granted. I would always walk my dog at night and never once second guessed or worried. Once we started dating she insisted on always being back before the sun was down.

  10. Apart from ones already mentioned, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood hits the spot for me too. Would definitely recommend.

  11. I think FMAB is top 5 shows of all time. Maybe over Atla. Very close in my book.

  12. because LoK is a bad series of course!

  13. This would nuke some land decks. You can't start the game with four lands and drop them all.

  14. The conservative party, I saw what my birth religion really was. Just pure evil.

  15. I doubt they will be happy with it. It will always fall short I suspect. However I am sure publicly they will say it's a good show.

  16. It’s not that I just didn’t like the whole “love will lead the way” trope. Also I wanna fight the secret tunnel dude

  17. Secret tunnnneellll, secret tunnnneellll. Through the mountain!

  18. Literally none. Even the Great Divide is great. Yes probably the weakest. Still strong.

  19. I really think ancestry has nothing to do with it. We see one brother get airbending, but the other doesn't. We see a farmer get airbending, but none of his children do. We see Ryu get airbending, but neither of his parents do.

  20. Aang's kids were a waterbender, Airbender, and non-bender. I don't think it has to be all the people with Air Nomad ancestry. It could be all the air benders have air ancestry somewhere up the line, but not all people with Air Ancestry became benders.

  21. Sounds like that’s a problem with doctors and hospitals, not the laws trying to protect innocent humans from being brutally killed.

  22. It's laws purposely built to be vague and attack as many people as possible. This isn't about saving innocent babies. If it was, we would spend more money on giving them all they need. School, healthcare, basic necessities. It's about controlling people who can give birth.

  23. If doctors want to make a political stunt at the expense of a pregnant womans healthcare, that is on them and not the laws. "I was scared of the legal repurcussions!" yeah right, it's very plainly spelled out in laws when an abortion is legal in banned states.

  24. Because religion inherently does not abide by the principles of basic logic

  25. But what if I pray to God to have it apply to basic logic? Check mate commie.

  26. Most things that happen aren’t Gods will. It’s up to us. But help is available and prayers are often about reaching out to connect at a different level and tap into a source of power to enable you to achieve your goal, change things, understand or endure.

  27. So if you don't tap into the source of power, are you not strong enough to succeed in the first place? If that's the case, and you don't pray for strength, then does God's plan explode?

  28. YouTube red. Also, if you are a member of a channel you shouldn't have to watch their ads

  29. The only way is to activate voters who would normally skip midterms. Or don't vote at all. Help get young people registered.

  30. Could you imagine being a cop in minneapolis?! It would be very challenging.. couldn't pay me enough! I'll just keep working from home sitting on the internet all day eating Cheetos on my bean bag chair. It's just so much easier and more fun to have a sharp opinion at home on the internet than be out in the real world dealing with s***.

  31. Violence and authoritarianism is really dealing with shit. It's just being a shitty person. As the above post said, instituting a department that can better handle nuanced situations. One that has proper oversight.

  32. Or in the middle of January we complain about the cold and can't wait for summer and in the middle of July we complain about the heat and can't wait for winter.

  33. Do people complain about both? I only complain about the heat. I assumed it's just half the population complain half the year, the other half the other half the year.

  34. I wouldn't quite say that Matt Walsh is a dumb person (he is pretty clearly quick on his feet, and is skilled at creating logical constructs that are clear while also not trivial to rebut), but he certainly is more interested in videos in which he appears smart (and his opponents appear dumb) than he is in a setting where he is honestly and evenly challenged for a genuinely open exchange.

  35. He's preys on people's fears, perpetuates hate, and is a voice for everything bad in America. All so he can make a quick buck. It's okay to hate people like him.

  36. So in your opinion, Sam Seder has never made money by producing content designed to get people to fear and hate conservatives?

  37. Slight pre -erata, I don't hate the people, I hate the grifters. It's okay to hate slimy grifters. The people were simply raised to believe this nonsense. They were shamed into never asking questions. Everything else read through that lens.

  38. "Don't know about the others", he doesn't know shit about any of that lol.

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