1. One of the best non-wearable items in the game. You will be very happy you got it this early in the future

  2. I have elite diary so yes definitely

  3. Inconvenient truth, unless you witnessed a spinbot or something as blatent, you most likely have not played with a cheater.

  4. It’s insane how bad people are at spotting cheaters. Don’t get me wrong, they exist, and they’re not all spinbotters. At low elo, people will play one round will good players and claim hacks. The reality is the ranks are really screwed up, so you’re getting matched with players that are wildly better or worse than their rank indicates. Until they fix the elo & ranks level out it will be that way.

  5. Just bought it, the ground textures are awful. Man does this look bad... (RTX 3080 btw)

  6. I mean, I agree, but I also just dropped 36 kills in a 4k game and lost with my teammates dripping 15/11/8/9 so not all 4,000s are equal

  7. Damn, mace for nearly 3k? You are a trooper

  8. Jiggle peak, prefire, and peekers advantage. This is how the game is played at a high level

  9. Not a reflection of the game mode at all.

  10. Thanks! That setup looks manageable. How often do you see pkers?

  11. I agree with this but also had like 4/5 people in my CC say this today. Not saying it’s all of us, but it’s clearly an idea that’s making it’s way around the community

  12. I’m very confused by any level of pushback on this post. Having servers in South America wouldn’t be a big deal to jagex, and if it improves the experience for a lot of people, then why not? They pay for membership too why not put servers there

  13. You’re suggesting that he be bound to ksp2?

  14. If you don’t like it then do KQ, why whine about it

  15. Help! My main made me lots of gp.

  16. Surely you know that’s not how it works lol. Gold gets transferred off the account very frequently

  17. Haha gl finishing your god sword blade

  18. I have 1k GWD boss KC with 3 overall god sword shards, without a shard 3. I have been trying to stay motivated to continue to go for this but it’s a rare tertiary drop, and it’s possible that it could be thousands before I get one. Wish there was a way for us to swap dupes out for the one we need.

  19. Best thing you can do is vary the things you’re doing. When I made my account, my goal was to be able to do high level content. Now that I’m here, I try to do what I enjoy, and when I get bored of something I take a break.

  20. It’s actually not like pet hunting because kill times are much lower than most bosses, although I see where you’re coming from.

  21. For real, that’s all that’s on here

  22. BP is not what it was 7 years ago. It’s only a nice to have, not really required anywhere. I would not grind this item, get it passively

  23. I'd say it's kinda required for boulders at Baba but other than that yea it's not bis or required anywhere

  24. Maybe for boulder dash but you can still run experts without it. Not sure where you’re getting required from?

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