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  1. I’m a bill believer, but this is not Matt Patricia’s or Joe Judge’s fault.

  2. I don’t blame Patricia, I think he should have a place somewhere on the staff. In the end of the day bill put him in this role, it’s on him

  3. Very interesting. I wonder if they’ve considered marketing it for training

  4. Golf with your friends is an amazing game to play with a group.

  5. This is just a commit tracker you can view this on your own GitHub profile. Not really a big deal unless they’re judging on quantity vs quality

  6. That looks amazing, proportions look great

  7. Bro, you lost your fucking leg. This is money for you to replace lost wages and reduced quality of life for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. I know it feels like you a rich right now but let me tell you now, you are not. Do not gift anyone anything right now. No one, not even yourself. Get the money invested. Learn how to manage wealth. Figur out how much and how long this money needs to last you. If you start gifting now you are setting a precedent that will be hard to break and ruin relationships at best and leave you broke and still missing a leg at worst. DO NOT GIFT YOUR SETTLEMENT MONEY!!!

  8. This, please do not give anybody your money. Nobody else has any right to it

  9. My performance is completely normal, same as any other, usually better

  10. I mean, they are all games where Buffalo should win. I agree that they shouldn’t look past us, but it would be an upset if we beat them. It is what it is

  11. Me too! Flew from jfk to Dubai and back and spent a good chunk of the 13ish hours playing civ!

  12. It could use some improvements. I’m having trouble finding a way to import my simbrief flight plan. Whenever I press request in the MCDU it is stuck on pending

  13. Also, make sure to check in your options if online functionality has been disabled. Mine was stuck on pending until I realized I wasn't online in the sim, and that happened without my knowledge after updating to 40th. Everything is working fine now.

  14. I am online, seems to be quite the conundrum then. Judging by upvotes it seems to be relatively common as well.

  15. I just can't get the GPS to align and can't figure where to pull the coordinates

  16. You don’t have to, one of the MCDU pages (I think init) has a prompt that comes up on the right side that said “Align IRS”. Just click the right side button on the MCDU that corresponds to it and they will align

  17. The family is probably not the most trustworthy source given their bias in the situation… terrible regardless

  18. Even if it was true it would be confusing. I think we have plenty of talent in our receivers. Can’t tell me this offense would be this bad if we had mahomes.

  19. I’m almost out of Div 3 after a few days, winning 70% of games I’d say. I moved away from Harland in Div 6. He is a one trick pony, and I didn’t want to deal with what anymore.

  20. I don't care what you say, a little pee will come out of me if I watched that happening

  21. It happens very often you’re just not looking outside when it does

  22. I hope so. I’ve got 320 of these dumbass things sitting around. Surely they will become useful at some point.

  23. Div 7? Definitely a skill issue man sorry

  24. I got havertz not sure how to feel. My striker/CF are both better so he’s more of a sub if anything

  25. Genuine question, does it matter besides comfort? I have this happen with my new foreskinned and want to make sure it’s not damaging

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