1. We'll need a lot more hemp before we're through.

  2. Just use items that deal damage on them. They can't dodge them.

  3. Out of curiosity, which Cut did you watch?

  4. I think my favourite bit is when the kid is shining the flashlight through the window right into the T-Rex's eye.

  5. I'm no expert on the subject, but perhaps you could correct people in a different way? If I correct someone I can be blunt and direct, which some people have interpreted as hostility. So I try not to do that, like I'll start off with "I may be wrong but" or something similar. Of course I don't get it all the time but I think it does help if you're less direct when correcting. At least that's been my experience.

  6. Yes, I think you’re right. I can come across blunt at times for sure. I think I may need to consider that more. At work I definitely have said “I may be wrong” or “I might be remembering this wrong”, granted not 100% of the time but I try.

  7. No problem. Your partner also may not understand that being blunt and direct is just the easiest way to explain things, whereas if you try to be indirect you may lose track of your thoughts or are just unable to explain it in any other way. Just remind him that when it happens you're not intending to sound confrontational or intimidating.

  8. Do you remember any locations? Like any scenes in cities, small town, Woods, inside a single building?

  9. Wonder Woman is going to push a paraplegic down some stairs or Jason is randomly going to show up to help defeat Doomsday?

  10. So Friday The 13th series is like an unofficial biopic series of Galdot. That's my new Canon for the series and I'm sticking to it.

  11. Do you remember the name of the video? That would be really cool.

  12. CRPG? I'm not familiar with that term, well except the Role Playing Game bit.

  13. I think it was the bait and switch Zero Punctuation video on the game. From what I remember it was supposed to look like a CoD review but not really.

  14. Yep! It's the official German a meme German translation for Ocarina of Time.

  15. I thought it looked familiar. The German title is pretty catchy.

  16. It's an OVA that was made years ago. It's pretty much a special episode that's not Canon.

  17. Didn't he use that as his final attack against Ichigo? Or was that something else?

  18. Not sure if it counts as a body, but Mrs Voorhees head at the end of part II. Just added that little extra wtf to the ending.

  19. Looks cool and he looks real sad at the end. Did someone kill his family or something?

  20. Check out the lyrics for Who Will Know that plays during the scene. It's supposed to be Shin's internal thoughts.

  21. I wouldn't call Sasuke a villain. Secondary Antagonist at best.

  22. Sounds like an old Confederate talking about how The South will rise again.

  23. Did he do his triple kick in Rogue One? Can't remember.

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