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  1. Also kraken slayer? Not sure about that one captain

  2. Kraken is actually really good at eating squishies since its flat true damage, arguably very good if you feel like you can be protected as your team front-to backs. Can't explain last whisper though

  3. I'm not huge on recommended jungle paths being added at all. It seems like that sort of change the community would hugely reject if it was a suggestion made by a player and for good reason.

  4. So many fights I just saw unforgiven being jumped and being totally unable to deal with it.

  5. Every album might not be for you is probably a good take home before you start listening through.

  6. AM and PM is used to specify which side of the 12 hour clock you're on so no

  7. Are there any other countries than those on north american continent that dont use 24h timer? Or is it just canada and usa with am pm shit?

  8. UK uses both interchangeably and randomly, I assumed that was the case everywhere but I may be wrong

  9. If it helps you to be interested in it, try thinking of it like they're an alien animal that just evolved to behave and exist in a drastically different way to animals?

  10. What would you say you liked in their music? They've got a few different styles of songs, as most bands do, so it's hard to know what sort of songs of theirs you might like

  11. I suppose JackeyLove is like...the Sword of Damocles?

  12. Who of you will dare to sit on the throne...

  13. I doubt anyone will laugh at him for saying that, they are the EU 1st seed, and we all know how LPL tends to be inconsistent in bo1, so I honestly won't be surprised if they get 1st seed in their group, I do favour TES as 1st still, but its not that unlikely tbh.

  14. Also while TES have some really good players, Jackeylove was very unreliable for them in finals against JDG. His aggression put them in such a bad spot in so many instances.

  15. How did they manage to ruin the hype of this song lol

  16. If anything it's more unfair to help FNC in this case because they had two subs lol.

  17. No but granting them an emergency sub is sufficient. We don’t need to reformat the tournament just so that they can have a better chance of winning…

  18. I think the best argument against it that I agree with in hindsight is that it would set a precedent of rearranging games for COVID cases for all teams. Which is a huge potential burden.

  19. I bet the original went something like "MY BOYFRIEND..." while playing Stay from Justin Bieber.


  21. Bruh Bean has been having some fun games on Champs Queue, ngl I’m a little bummed he’s not getting a shot

  22. I know it's a bit reductionist to say but if someone wants a shot they should qualify for world's to earn it

  23. It is wack that MAD didn't have to win and Bo5s to get to world's but don't act like Bean earned world's as much as MAD did

  24. I mean it's def not the world stage, so more relaxed. It's impressive because Zeus wasn't like straight out trolling but it's also not like "oh damn NA is the best"

  25. Yeah I mean solo queue will always be solo queue

  26. Oh it's not solo queue I think this is champs queue so it's kinda more team oriented with only pros and high ELO people that were selected.

  27. Aye but it's sort of high elo solo queue with extra steps

  28. or maybe it's just faster to type, like Asol or yas?

  29. Imagine being too busy to type khazix but not too busy to not make a comment on reddit

  30. Following that logic why would we ever use shortenings, acronyms or contractions?

  31. Obviously everything I say is only my opinion, but:

  32. Chemical properties of oxygen make it far more likely to give rise to life than other group 6 atoms. So while it's possible it's far less likely.

  33. There was a post about this the other day actually, asking if Mossbag had analyzed it already. Copy-pasting my response to that:

  34. Perhaps the final mask works like hiveblood, that would be very cool and actually have applications in fights (provided it doesn't cost too many charms

  35. Eh, this generic nerd shaming wasn’t even funny back in the 90s when it was popular. Now it’s just cringe. LNX comes across as a little whiner with this post.

  36. If you think that's nerd shaming you're just being sensitive.

  37. Jack Harlow is the worst part of industry baby.

  38. Legit I love industry baby then out of nowhere I have to listen to some guy rap about how much of a stud he is and how many girls he fucks and slaps

  39. Wait a second that's a completely different band 🤔

  40. I'm longing for your touch, and I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart 🖤

  41. If it sounds good then it's a pretty good progress. I strongly recommend starting learning music theory early on (like right now). You will thank me later. (And you need to learn music theory regardless of whatever genre you play and whatever level you are aiming for.)

  42. Devils advocate - I have played guitar for many years and have not yet bothered theory simply because it kills my passion for the instrument.

  43. Why must the camera zoom on him every time he talks instead of being zoomed out to show the tierlist

  44. See here the American value of human life.

  45. Legit. This video shows he didn't have to die in order to be detained but for some reason they'd rather see him shot than taken into custody

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