1. I honestly want more and more time to acquire as many shares as possible. They day it takes off, will still be a day too soon for when I would have bought additional shares at a discount. I wanna always increase my position I had presneeze. The more the merrier.

  2. Did you brine it? I'm going to do one next week and trying to figure out the best course of action.

  3. Yesterday I bought two dozen eggs. And my bank didn’t even overdraft this time.

  4. And the announcement is that DRS’d GME stock holders get a Wu Tang divy - Once Upon A time in Shaolin plays in its entirety for the half time show before it gets dropped into our GameStop wallets

  5. I hardly ever need 2 day shipping, and really am not. into Prime Video. Nothing else I even use.

  6. A lot of online stores are offering quick and free shipping now. I also don't have to worry about getting shitty and/or counterfit products if I order from a company directly.

  7. I am without Prime for the first time in like 20 years. I don't miss it one bit any more. They are lagging behind the competition now.

  8. I got rid of mine a year ago and it's done nothing but save me money on the membership as well as the compulsive buying i was doing. They were stupid to raise prices on the membership.

  9. Yeah using vpn seems needed now, set it to us a usa server and the buy buttons return! IMO they should have announced this, it used to work without (from NL)

  10. If I want to do a VPN, I need one for my phone and home router? How does all this work work?

  11. Fuck, I bought more today. I guess I’ll have to buy again tomorrow…

  12. The centering tool actually tells you the allowance when they grade your card! It’s different front to back but I’m pretty sure front is 60/40 and back I believe is a little more.

  13. How do you know the price of the card before or after grading for their grading purposes?

  14. Their stock is up after “losing” many customers money and saying they have to wait till February!?

  15. Imagine telling them you lost the credit card payment for them and you'll pay it in a month or 2. It would never fly.

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