1. I don’t think CNN ever really had the left to lose.

  2. No, but right wingers assume they do because they assume their own cult-like devotion to Rupert Murdoch's trash is normal.

  3. Pretty sure you're confusing sr4 with another game because I'm pretty sure this is no forced karaoke thing. Also the sublime song is named "what I got" fyi

  4. They're definitely thinking of SR4. None of the Saints Row games have a Karaoke, but 2-4 all have bits where the boss sings along with the radio. During Pierce's loyalty mission, Pierce and The Boss sing What I Got and the first part of Just a Friend when Zinyak interrupts with his Opera rendition.

  5. I recall an older story that a Druhkari once worked on the golden throne before in exchange for a sliver of the emperor’s soul. Would they just jam more human souls into the sliver to make it grow?

  6. The actual process for the Emperor's birth has never been elaborated on. It involved the mass sacrifice of psychers, but its unclear if any sort of preparation, skill, effort, or ritual was involved, and historically/narratively significant events generally have abnormal spiritual weight in Warhammer (see: Drach'nyen.) Plus, between Molech and the 3.6 billion+ souls he's nommed, the current Emperor probably doesn't have much in common with whatever he used to be.

  7. Well there's an ancient legend that it involved the mass sacrifice of psykers.

  8. Its les that there's evidence, and more that no serious alternative has been presented. There's an in-universe theory that he's a DAoT weapon, but Oll Persson's lifestory counter-indicates that, and every other event alluded to in his backstory came later.

  9. Fun fact: some species do produce male offspring via parthenogenesis. Komodo dragons have reversed (ZW) sex chromosomes relative to humans ((XY), so when they reproduce asexually, the result is always male. This means that, while the immaculate conception of a genetically male human Jesus is theoretically impossible, Dragon Jesus is still on the table.

  10. Imagine dressing exactly as the character was intended to look by the creator and ruining it.

  11. Hasn't Kojima said in interviews that the goal of Quiet's design was to get attractive women to cosplay as her?

  12. Arguably the C’tan are the ones who can’t be beaten because killing them would result in reality collapsing while killing a Chaos God would sort of be inconsequential.

  13. Citation needed. Unbroken C'tan were almost certainly the most powerful purely material beings in 40k, but they're still physical constructs piloted by organisms. They're Necron superscience turbocharged into infinity, but they're still mortal in the most obtuse sense of the word. They aren't fundamental aspects of their reality like the Chaos Gods.

  14. This is just wrong. Their physical bodies were created by the necrontyr, but the entity therein is still a fragment of primordial divinity. And the chaos gods are not fundamental aspects of reality. The warp is, but the gods themselves are the conglomeration of base emotion and warp energy. The universe managed just fine before their creation, which took place after the war in heaven.

  15. You got a source for that? The origin story for the C'tan going all the way back to third edition is that they were gas-based organisms that obliviously drifted through space munching on stars, which the Necrontyr discovered while studying their own dying sun. They aren't manifestations of reality, they're just really old, really unusual organisms that the Necrons were able to weaponize. The chaos gods are fundamental aspects of their reality (the Warp). The C'tan just live here; their continued existence is only locally relevant, which is why the universe didn't implode when they started killing each other.

  16. Holy shit they're completely mask off when they say they should've skipped reading Fahrenheit 451. Quite literally doing the same thing the whole book criticizes

  17. Its doubly funny because they apparently misinterpreted Fahrenheit 451 so hard that they ended up proving Bradbury right. In F451, books aren't burned in the name of censorship, they're burned because people so dumbed down by mass media that they find more challenging media intimidating and offensive. Its more than a bit pretentious, but Galaxy Brain here is apparently so vapid that he agrees with the book's antagonists.

  18. He got sexually assaulted at a party, and IIRC opening up about it got him written out of the Expendables franchise.

  19. How the hell can these people claim that Geeks and Gamers are objective critics when they have to change a tweet to make their point in their thumbnail.

  20. Because they say what their audience already thinks. Ragebait channels like G&G exist to pander to media-illiterate chuds with no critical thinking skills.

  21. I think Watkins and those idiots started it. Now it's so far out of control it could be Russia pushing it to destabilize the US. Anyone could be involved.

  22. Watkins has likely been Q ever since the 8kun relaunch, but some people claim that Coleman Rodgers was the original poster, since he apparently once logged onto the Q account onstream, but that may have been clout chasing. At this point, it doesn't matter; the movement is largely self-sustaining and sometimes adopts beliefs independent of the Qdrops.

  23. Maybe the closest thing to a “regular rebellion” we got was the badab war, or like, the first 5 minutes of it

  24. The Badab War also involved several chapters of Space Marines led by a freakishly skilled & charismatic leader. A single planet or region seceding is unlikely to be interesting enough to even get a mention without a sponsor to stiffen resistance against the inevitable retaliation.

  25. If the bomb goes off when the Throne fails, Vulkan could be blamed for it. The Salamander and their successors will be excommunicated and declared traitors, even tho they are one of the most humane chapters. I don't think the Salamanders would actually turn to Chaos after this, so the question comes: How would the 'new' Imperium look like? Salamanders being hunted down, while they try to protect the civilians? Salamanders as Renegade Chapter?

  26. No one knows about the bomb, and the Salamanders are just a codex-compliant chapter with few successors, no totally-not-legionbuilding bullshit like the Wolves, Fists or DAngels, and only a minor outstanding narrative hook. Their status as a First Founding chapter is only reason their elimination would warrant more than a footnote.

  27. Conservapedia is an absolutely stellar lesson in how not to moderate a website. Andrew Schaffly is a narcissistic control freak who bans anyone that doesn't agree completely with his extremely specific flavor of wingnut Catholicism, so basically every serious editor was driven off the site years ago. A staggeringly large chunk of the remaining users are trolls who have no problem pretending to agree with his deranged worldview worldview, which is why

  28. Robb Stark not having a POV at all is the biggest omission I can think of and even GRRM said that Robb should've gotten a POV.

  29. The lack of explicit POV characters was honestly a huge boon for the TV show. The show did a much better job of cultivating an "anyone can die" image than the books, where only two recurring POV characters have died without promptly being resurrected.

  30. Now you’re just being a salty bitch. Also stop pretending like you care about good design.

  31. I actually do care about character design, and in my experience, Japanese porn games aren't a particularly good source for it.

  32. Pewdiepie has apologised for each of the incidents described, has donated good chunks of his wealth to multiple charities, and officially does not endorse nor tolerate the politics promoted by right-wing politics.

  33. No, he doesn't publicly endorse or tolerate far-right politics anymore. Back in march 2019, he purged his twitter to hide the fact that he'd been following a bunch of far-right talking heads like Stephan Molyneaux and Lauren Southern. His public behavior has improved since the "Death to all Jews" stunt, but when the bar for success is not spreading Nazi propaganda, you know you're dealing with a weapons-grade wankstain. He's still a major onboarding point for the alt-right recruitment pipeline, and occasionally doing damage control isn't worthy of praise.

  34. Considering it's just FR that has that, I wonder why the OOP included them in the list. Everything else is generic fantasy, but the Drow are D&D's thing, like, specifically.

  35. The Drow in Forgotten Realms are pretty much solely responsible for the proliferation of Dark Elves in modern high fantasy. Before the Icewind Dale trilogy, they were just another enemy (one even shows up in Dragonlance, but its role and development are minimal), but after Drizzt became one of the most popular icons of '90s high fantasy, knockoffs started showing up everywhere.

  36. My pet peeve in fantasy is a certain pedantic fantasy criticism. Criticism that basically amounts to “tHaT’s nOt hIsToRiCaLlY aCcUrAtE” when it comes to dress, gender politics, military strategy, whatever.

  37. In all fairness, using fantasy literature as a vehicle for pedantic criticism of older fantasy literature is a time-honored tradition. Tolkien supposedly based the death of the Witch-King and the destruction of Saruman's armies by Fangorn on his dissatisfaction with the use of prophecy in the final act of Macbeth.

  38. I think this is projecting the motivation and attitude of fairly vapid and shallow modern fan criticism onto the way art reacts to other art. Lots of artists see in other art the opportunity to shift a focus, this isn’t really a substantive criticism of the other piece, its just that it had different goals and now the new artist has the chance to highlight the thing they want to focus on. See also people acting like GRRM actually wanted Tolkien to write about Aragorn’s tax policy.

  39. I'm mostly taking the piss, but I think you're overselling the problem. Just as Tolkien felt a need to justify his belief that fantasy stories could be told for an adult audience, a lot of modern authors feel the need to justify their own work in the current context of the genre, and at the moment, Western (and the degenerate dregs of Japanese) high fantasy still exists largely in the shadow of Tolkien's work. Some authors end getting lost in pedantry, but its definitely possible to write a compelling story in response to an existing trend. Terry Pratchett's Witches series was firmly rooted in his dissatisfaction with the gender dynamics in older works (namely LotR and Earthsea) and the frankly abysmal state of female representation in 80s fantasy. As with Martin, he was fixating on minor elements in a sprawling setting, but while ASoIaF is good in spite of Martins obsession with minutiae, Pratchett's anger was at the core of some of most beloved characters.

  40. I read exclusively Star Wars novels for MANY years. A decade at least. I’m sad there’s not more talk about them here.

  41. Its almost inevitable with the way Reddit's demographics work. For whatever reason, the site's structure ensures that its userbase skews heavily towards undergrad college students, and the Legends EU peaked in relevance in the 90s, before many users were even born. There have been 3 major rounds of retcons since the older EU books were released (the prequel trilogy, the Clone Wars tv show, and the Disney merger), and its kind of hard to sell people on a story that only superficially resembles Wtar Wars as they know it.

  42. Also "increasingly irrelevant Imperial remnant launches moronic scheme" and "yet another super-original group of Dark Jedi shows up with improbably vast resources and not one shred of common sense."

  43. He doesn't have enough character to give you anything to go on but he has too many baked in quirks that need to be incorporated to be a true blank slate. Like, he kind of has to be a plumber and Italian-American but also in love with a princess of a decidedly not-of-the-earth-with-Italy-and-America kingdom that is either of mushroom people or of normal people who love mushrooms so much it's their whole identity and they dress like mushrooms (I feel the games are unclear on this point). That's a lot to have to get together with a person who doesn't even have a personality and for whom any really strong personality choices are going to alienate fans who are used to projecting themselves into this character.

  44. Sonic kind of has an advantage in adaptation because he has a personality. He's the ultimate soulless corporate Super Kewl Karacter- if he wasn't the franchise headliner, I'd just say he's Poochie from The Simpsons- but he's still a fully defined character that can easily slot into basically any scenario or plot. Mario doesn't even have that going for him, because the Mario games are generally just vehicles for new gameplay ideas, with the aesthetic and characters being little more than window dressing to attract buyers. That isn't even an insult, its literally why Doki Doki Panic was reskinned into Mario 2 for a western release.

  45. Not a movie but the League of Legends show on netflix is phenomenal

  46. By the time LoL entered open beta, Hollywood had finally realized that video game movies were box office poison, and only the Resident Evil franchise was still chugging along on fumes.

  47. Some numbers in WH feel super random, like some writer just asks "Hey, Bob, what's the biggest number you know?" and goes with the answer. The stormsword's gun is described as a "massive ballistic artillery piece" and it shoots a 180kg shell. And then you look at WW1, some 39 thousand years in the past, where the german artilery is using shells as heavy as 1.1 tons in some of their larger artilery pieces.

  48. If you're looking for consistency between Warhammer's lore and art style (or just within warhammer's lore), you're gonna have a bad time. A lot of the weapons and vehicles in Warhammer were created with no regard for real world combat equipment, which is how you get Gyrojets with enough recoil to break a man's arm (half the point of gyrojets is that they're virtually recoilless), tanks without sloped armor (a concept so basic that even noted paranoid schizophrenic military imposter L. Ron Hubbard could understand it and properly integrate it into his writing), and how a military force with fewer active members than the US military remains relevant in an empire of a million worlds (there are supposed to be around 1000 Astartes chapters, and aside from oddballs like the Black Templars and the Space Wolves, most are limited to a codex-compliant 1000 brothers.)

  49. Is it just me or does she basically look like a red-headed Aurora? Not a very interesting design, very happy with the change.

  50. Don Bluth cut was trained by one of the Nine Old Men at Disney, and Sleeping Beauty was the first film he worked on. His animation always kept elements of Disney's visual style.

  51. Fouke? Like Fouke Arkansas? I live there, we got some strong ass badgers, and some really strong poison for said badgers.

  52. Almost certainly. The Witches books are heavily steeped in British folklore, its directly relevant to the resolution of Granny's character arc, and one of the first rules of Discworld is that when something seems absurd and it isn't supernatural, its probably based on something the real world.

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