1. Porridge is Swiss, Cub is French! Cub is actually from Paris…

  2. Thats how I got lily.. my fiancé thought it was cute that she liked me.. I have 3 birds.. I have owned only birds rescued only birds.. but never asked why.. I'm allergic to dogs cats rabbits guinea pigs lol etc.. but what do you do when someone gives you something you are not ready for... you make it work and rescue another 9 months later lol 😆 my house is like a daycare with 3 birds that talk and 3 rabbits that get their point across lol..

  3. I love playing games with my sons they are in mass and I'm in Tennessee.. and we play on ps4 together s we can chat and play together.. I been a gamer all my life and now they are too.. the are 30 and 28 and still think I'm a cool mom lol..there friends play with us too.. they always say I wish my mom would play with me.. they won't even try.. lol 😆

  4. I'm 53 I been a gamer since gaming started...there are more if us older people playing then you even know lol 😆

  5. I rescued 3 this past March and 2 made it. The boy didn't 😕 I used Kitten milk and fed them alot every couple of hours

  6. I'm sorry you lost one. 😔 Thank you for sharing your success!

  7. I agree.. I work as a designer with the trades the plumbers electrician contractors see me as one of the guys not a person to try to go out with.. u was a stay at home mom in my first marriage thankfully I had a degree to fall back on.. most women don't... I can do anything a man can and take care of myself.. my kids are grown and gone. And I just left a 20 yr marriage and recently went back to work.. no man pays for my bills and I will never pay for a man's they don't like it they can find someone else to mooch off of. .. op your are getting taken to the cleaners go look for a real women

  8. Mt lily would have jumped that in a heart beat she is trying to jump out of her pen at night now lol we have to take out her food and water containers because she has learn she canstand on them lol.. she is quite a active sassy girl. Finn on the other hand happy as can be. And wouldn't think of jumping

  9. That's adorable! You sound like you've got all your bases covered. I used the spay as a really good bonding time for me and my girl, I pulled some pillows and blankets on the floor next to her and we just cuddled. I think it made her feel more safe in her altered state, plus you can just read or do work. It also means you can keep an eye on if she's eating or drinking on her own after surgery

  10. Yeah she is a daddy's girl so I am looking forward to see a different side of mom.. she loves to run and play with me but she loves to cuddle with dad.. so I'm hoping this will gives us some cuddle time.. my fiancé gave her to me for my birthday because she was following me around the pet shop when I was getting bird food lol.. and we got home and she fell in love with him lol 😆.. but this weekend will be all about her so.. it should be food for both of us.. and the birds will think it's funny 😁

  11. One of my boys is the exact same with my roommate! I keep trying to remind him that I'M the one that feeds him, takes him to the vet, and cleans him up. Does he care? Nope 🤣

  12. Lol no we are just slaves to them lol .. hooman.. fluff my blanket... Holman clean the poopoo palace.. Holman I want my prune and blueberries lol 😆

  13. Omg my heart melted. How cute us ge.. and that mouf.. I love his colors and his name!

  14. He gave you a head poke as a « thank you! » from afar !

  15. Awwww she loves you.. they grind their beak when they are happy and content

  16. You might need to get an order of protection against your bun, lol.. mine love cheese pizza and give us evil looks when she can't get any.. she is trying to earn how to jump on the kitchen counter when she finally gets it.. we are screwed lol

  17. She needs pin meds and a antibiotics... thats not going to heal on its own with it... tell him he needs to see her ..

  18. I am so sorry to read this.. and thank you for sharing him with us.. these lil guys really know how to melt our hearts .. my love and prayers are with you in this time 💜💜💜🐇🐇🐇

  19. Someone told me that I can learn to file it down myself. Is this safe? Is this common for owners to do?

  20. Have your vet show you how. And then if you feel comfortable doing it. Then yes 💜💜

  21. I just love when they get super close to the camera lens and you can see their cure snout. Glad to hear he is doing good!

  22. Thank you.. he is getting stronger and not as boney ... and that mouf is too cute

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