1. Playing rampart takes a lot of thinking and planning. In most situations it is not as simple/ straightforward as in the video. Her abilities can backfire hard when not used properly. She also has some weaknesses such as lack of mobility, grenade spamming and responding to quick changes. I think these are also worth mentioning.

  2. Another script abuse post with some tap strafe on top. So sick of seeing your posts.

  3. I dunno man I already put my keyboard layout and fps count on screen. You can see my fps never locked on a certain value and you can see how I press my keys. What is your accuse based on?

  4. I am a toilet. You can surely expect high quality shit from me.

  5. By smurfing and styling on people who have maybe a tenth of the skill you have?

  6. I only have 1 account. This is the result of the SBMM. I had a few terrible game before this.

  7. That keyboard is thought to see…are you not mapped to WASD?

  8. I use RDFG instead of WASD. My keybind is cursed and I know it.

  9. Hey! What GPU and reso you playing with? I see you are locked on 165fps but drop to 100

  10. I have a 2060. I set the apex graphics to the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM to achieve high frame rates, which is 165fps limited by my monitor.

  11. I practiced a lot. I can hit super glides 40-50% of the time, maybe 70% on a good day.

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