1. "Literal spray-on pants" does this guy know what literally means

  2. A religion where not believing in God is a worse sin than murder and cannibalism? Sign me up!

  3. Scientists who discovered how the moon affects Earth's tides: Are we a joke to you?

  4. This reminds me of that one story of someone's house burning down (I think it was that but it might've been something else) and the person died but the bible on their bedside table was unscathed and people were calling it a miracle

  5. Pretty sure they claim this to justify their actions

  6. Never taken Christian sex ed but the stories I've heard of it make it obvious that some people unironically believe that

  7. Not being able to come up with insults is better than using an ableist slur as an insult

  8. As an aromantic asexual, I'd have the power of invisibility since nobody knows about us

  9. I don't care, for me any character can be a yandere and that's it! It doesn't have to be canonical! Although some may fit the profile, even the creators have no intention of creating a yandere character.

  10. I don't think that's what this is about. Oftentimes anime girls who are crazy and violent but not in love with anybody will be mistakenly called yanderes and I think that's what this post is referring to.

  11. Sans, Papyrus, undyne, undying, muffet, asriel, mettaton, ex, neo

  12. They're monsters who are bosses, but they're not Boss Monsters. Boss Monsters are a specific type of monster that has a soul that stays after death, which doesn't happen with anyone but Toriel and Asgore

  13. The flavor text says that they're friends with the bird

  14. You’re right, I don’t have those statistics in front of me, but it is safe to say that those people are people that are unstable and shouldn’t be trusted. I’d say the only way that those rapes would ever be preventable is via groups of people. A one on one interaction with an unstable person is dangerous, in a group there are barriers to that danger.

  15. You don't always know someone's dangerous until it's too late

  16. Okay, what if Muslims are right and Christians are wrong? What if Hindus are right and Christians and Muslims are wrong? I could go on. The problem with Pascal's Wager is it assumes only two possibilities when that is not the case at all.

  17. Wasn't that event literally an act of religious extremism?

  18. Pretty sure even cis women can't get away with being creeps

  19. God's laughing at men who think wives should be obedient and submissive rather than equals.

  20. Preferences shouldn't be sexualities. Thus, sapiosexuality shouldn't be a thing.

  21. Even if you're talking about the woman in the picture, fat shaming still isn't good

  22. "Someone is less likely to attack with a man around" who do these people think we're afraid of being attacked by

  23. He rips you from your home, then cuts you open and mutilates you.

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