Most Awkward Ad Goes to Symfuhny & Nadia

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XQC Claims Leaked Logs Are Real, Adept Called Nyyxxii

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  1. Yo man, did you ever get distillate and fill a pod with it? I have RPM 2 mesh coils & a nord battery sitting, might use it for that if it works

  2. Dr. Kelly King, Releaf MD on Bloomingdale in Brandon. Don't know if it's the best deal but she is the best.

  3. Does it smoke better? Less dry? So I’m Actually yet to go here in FL, so I’m unsure of the quality as a whole, but at $20 1/8th it seems like a really good deal when out next to those $53 you mentioned. What strains have you tried out?

  4. It is 7/10 brutally dry, but as another comment said just put a boveda pack and you're good.

  5. Buddy has not reported back, he is indeed floating lol.

  6. I do something like this, I never really fully destem my weed. I usually just grind it all up.

  7. Crazy how I got a ps3 and ps4 launch day at regular pricing but this shit been out 2 years and fucking impossible to find and if you do find one its like 170% regular price

  8. I found him by accident on Twitter comments once, clicked his profile it was brand new just talking about her, like 40 comments just about her and sym. Weird af can’t believe someone like that exists, crazy mf

  9. Just look up @brookeab on your search bar & go to latest. Absolutely batshit insane.

  10. Omg, I never knew what a hate watcher was till I looked this up. The number of people just shitting on her is crazy. Its absolutely mental.

  11. They’ve been making new accounts for about 2ish-3 years now, I heard about this when I first started watching some content creators from 100T. I’ve always felt so awful for Brooke for having to deal with that for years on end.

  12. He's not worth what the market will demand for him anyways. WRs with big highlights in big moments tend to get extra looks and extra $$ in the FA market. Another team will basically remember his clutch catches from 2020 and they'll be convinced they can catch that lightning in a bottle, and he will inevitably come nowhere close to producing at the level his contract would expect him to.

  13. This happened with Adam Humphries. Was never the same after he left. Although, at times he did have consistently good games.

  14. Trulieve, roll one brand. I get 30% off so I walk out with 7g’s for $33.

  15. I want research into which terepens are best for ADHD cause I know a few of them actually help

  16. I don't know what people expect to happen when you have 2 dysfunctional adults where one is a streaming addict that suffers from PTSD from stalkers/swatting who lives like a hoarder with his fast food trash, and the other is a self diagnosed "genius" that dropped out of high school who is the stereotypical toxic (ex)girlfriend.

  17. I've never seen anyone put it like this, a new perspective no cap on a stack fr fr

  18. I wanted to see it strictly for the absolute chaos that would've ensued.

  19. If you get a MJ Arsenal rig, I recommend getting your own Dab Tool. The one out of the box isn’t good imo, love MJ arsenal you won’t be disappointed. Every model is great.

  20. Ok but what kind of fucking adapter is that that lets you rip a cart into a bong

  21. Dawg.. this subreddit continues to amaze me every day.

  22. I know ima get heat for this.....but it's 'true'.....

  23. This makes me want to learn how to roll, holy sh** lol

  24. I’m just hoping we win the division, I don’t know why a lot of people act like it’s a given..

  25. Buccaneers current situation aside, this is pretty cool!

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