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  1. Anyone else’s Spotify have no idea what to do with them because you listen primarily to metal?

  2. I'm quite lucky that my Spotify luckily just shows 95% metal even if I listen to the smattering of hip/hop and whatever. I refuse to have multiple streaming sites or apps but I make sure I keep up with review sites like Angry Metal Guy on FB and BangerTV on youtube. AMG is daily reviews and maybe 3 times a month for BTV. You can get regular new singles from Straight Edge Metal on Spotify too. :)

  3. I am not sure if this is the best place to ask but I will ask anyways: what is some good rock that has come out in the last decade? I need just plain old hard rock to put into my car playlist. I love the Coven-eque occult rock and have been chasing that sound a lot lately but any rock will do.

  4. Could give a try, Unto Others, Summerlands, Sonja

  5. In rural Australia would something like an indoor smoking ban be impossible to police? Are there still places that unofficially allow it?

  6. My mum has been managing pups/hotels in rural places in QLD for the last 20 years and I know the places she manages there's no smoking inside, just outside but like 6 years ago the missus and I went to a gay bar when we were in Melbourne that had smoking inside, blew my mind that they did that.

  7. This is just too cute. What a good foster mum!

  8. Bet they thought they found the perfect loop-hole. Watched or read some people get off on charges or circumvent some documents because of the wording and assume they can 'beat the system'

  9. Given the abundance of these greentexts I'd give it an about 1% chance of being true.

  10. Honestly, it's like AITA posts, some are clearly so fake for Karma or just to stir the pot. As long as it's entertaining, honestly.

  11. We’re the least evil country? I mean, every country has its history, and we have some pretty damn bad atrocities…

  12. Your evils are only tolerated because of the wonderful Sesame Street and The Muppets.

  13. Americans justifying their brutal atrocities example #1776

  14. "Yeah but they did it FIRST but We're the FIRST to be Real about it

  15. Honestly as someone from Australia, it totally baffles me that there is security at, of all places, a school. To me school was always such a place of safety that it just seems really sad that the situation in America is such that they need to have security in schools.

  16. My old psych teacher back in school went over there on his holidays and showed us photos of his trip. One was armed security guards for a phone store that wasn't even like an Apple or Android store.

  17. Sometimes reddit makes me chuckle. A simple word – in actuality, agreeing with the previous comment – but, due to what the collective dislikes, has wrought the full force of downvotes from the community.

  18. I just can't stand just having 'this' as a comment. Even worse on AITA and its getting 1k+ upvotes

  19. This has that Australian possum that broke into the bakery, vibes. "Do what you must for I have already won"

  20. Not sure how to on mobile but just google those details

  21. Purely to use the line "Can I bum a fag off you mate?"

  22. Gotta be a little polite. "Squze me cunt, be a Ledge and spare a dart?"

  23. You could ask all the other top comments when this was re-posted a billion times to know if he gave her the account pin.

  24. Why would you need a pin if it's only to pay something small like snacks?

  25. Probably takes him 20 minutes just to get the pants off.

  26. The temptation to just rub the belly, tickle the paws and stick a pinky in its mouth is just overwhelming.

  27. Alovera is going to be your best friend for awhile

  28. Old mate must have tough feet, the bitumen can get super hot here.

  29. Australian here. Koalas are slow, clumsy and chronically unaware of their surroundings. Especially in summer, it's quite common to see them as roadkill or stranded in the middle of a highway in my part of the country because they'll attempt to cross even constantly-busy roads.

  30. Yeah couldn't believe the damage a wombat did to my mates car, it was a write off but he got the car he wanted anyway.

  31. That must be such a nice feeling, afterwards anyway, I'd be having a near panic attack during it.

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