1. So here's my l'ideale compared to a Belgian Blue.

  2. Woah so nice from you. I will do the maths with mine to compare. Will post the result. Thank you

  3. You’re welcome. These measurements aren’t accurate, but they should be in the ballpark.

  4. You can certainly try it on some half-dead knife.

  5. Soviets were making very big resorts and very much of them, not for the elites but for literally everyone, so i guess being on the beach reminded Russia of the good old days.

  6. PW is really a sweet framework and it's an excellent choice. You can use it for e2e, API and component testing.

  7. Sorry for the silly question, but I'm not familiar with automation.

  8. Not Selenium exactly, but Appium. It relies on the same protocol, Webdriver, but it's a specific implementation with enhanced characteristics to handle mobile specificity (gestures, ...)

  9. Man this post took a hard turn towards the middle.

  10. Few things on the Internet annoy me as much as articles about videos that don't actually feature the video.

  11. I worked in games qa for ten years, never met anyone who worked remotely and during those ten years I moved on average every 1.5 years just so I could stay in the industry, ended up living in a ton of different places just so I could work.

  12. Same here. My experience is more modest, but I’ve never seen a remote position.

  13. I would be willing to move to the USA but at the same time I am not going to do it if I have to do it without nothing set in stone, for the look of it seem like a bad take from me and I should just forfeit the idea and look for work in Venezuela.

  14. Yeah, I'm not trying to demotivate you, but games QA is super popular and mostly outsourced (I live in Bulgaria).

  15. The property prices in Valencia seem to be rising lately (Spain as a whole has been in a bad slump for the last 10 years), but they are still very reasonable. If possible I would try to get a home there sooner rather than later.

  16. What do you think the grit on that stone is? Can't find that info...

  17. Probably around F300/600 ( JIS 300/1000), made to look like a Norton India.

  18. Ty for info, Croatia here! Thanks for the offer but don't bother with shipping costs. I'm actually ordering myself Taidea 1000/3000 stone to up my game.

  19. If you haven't ordered it yet, please consider the Naniwa Pro 3000 instead.

  20. Sure, if you enjoy harder stones and working with oil I see nothing wrong.

  21. I don't really have much experience beyond my shitty Amazon stones. They just turn into mud after a few passes and don't really sharpen very well

  22. Well this stone set a bit specific, but it should work well for you. If you aren't sure you can pick up a soft Arkansas or Combination India separately. Either is fairly cheap.

  23. I am not sure, I own Maxes and these have lightning charging only which is just absurd to be honest, given their size

  24. These scissor have striations on one side. It's not quite serrations, but I think it's meant to improve edge retention.

  25. Leave it as is, it's meant to grab the material you are cutting (For example flower stalks).

  26. The King is made for wide bevel Japanese knives and is quite soft. It's harder to get a good edge from it.

  27. Do you think oil stones would be better when we are talking about a majority of the sharpening I will be doing is on under 6 inch blades? D2 all the way down to 8Cr13MoV

  28. I don't have D2 knives at hand right now, but I'm sure the India will handle them fine.

  29. Too late, Lisbon is crazy considering the average income in Portugal.

  30. A bit redundant, but hey, there are worse ways to spend money.

  31. I'm in a pretty similar situation (less programming experience) and I would say - yes.

  32. And did you find a potential way to open up your opportunities?

  33. Unfortunately not. I've been more conscious about it lately, but also feel detached from QA as a whole.

  34. I mean if it's cutting tomatoes for a week you aren't doing too bad.

  35. bro not just orthodox, us croats too. 20% of population gone in 30 years

  36. I mean most of our depopulation is cause we emmigrate to the west. Soon we will replace them and I am all for it. Balkans will truly be united but in Vienna/Berlin/Paris/Barcelona(my pick)/Rome

  37. Bulgaria on three seas (Adriatic/ Balearic /North).

  38. Yup, could be! We haven't really explored on site options but we will definitely look into it, thanks!

  39. Huh, just saw your last post (Only mild stalking, I promise). If you guys decide to visit Bulgaria and need anything, feel free to drop me a message.

  40. Maybe the combination of the remote work requirement and anxiety/not great English is deterring employers? Sometimes you can get around the language barrier by talking in person.

  41. If you are having fun I don't think it will hurt to learn Python (At least to a basic level).

  42. lol, there is no messier industry as far I know.

  43. Natural stones don't really have industry to begin with. The closest would be the Japanese indeed, but in general it's nothing concrete (And it can't be due to the nature of nature).

  44. I don't know what you're sharpening or doing with them. But i don't like coated diamond stones much at all. They're expensive and wear out faster than other stone types. They also leave very deep scratches when you sharpen with them. instead I'd suggest some sic stones, which are nearly as hard as diamonds, have layers so they last longer, and are significantly less expensive on average

  45. Honestly Chinese plates are the way to go with coated diamond plates.

  46. I tried setting automations to turn on a room heater using the temperature sensors in the HomePod mini and the new 2nd generation HomePods. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I talked to apple support for an hour Friday and sadly they want to blame non apple devices, which is frustrating since the automation is a simple if/then scenario If sensor temp falls below 66° turn on heater. All products involved are certified for HomeKit.

  47. Im in the same boat, it’s shocking how poor of an experience HomeKit has been for me. Sure, I am using an iPad as a bridge, but everything is either unresponsive, slow or just doesn’t work properly (Like the Eve Thermo).

  48. I picked this vise up at Lidl yesterday, and was wondering if this could be used as part of a knife sharpening system by adding needed parts?

  49. My advice would be to grab a sharpening system from Aliexpress. Good ones run in the 50-100 Euro range.

  50. I have the same vice and the answer is no. Could work for axes.

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