1. I pretty sure that song is going to play live. Before the song Tom will say something like? “Hay Mark sorry I left you and Travis but I was right! Aliens Exist!” Boom song starts!…

  2. Ghost On The Dancefloor.. That song just hits so hard and it sounds amazing in arenas!

  3. Yah. I lost a lot of respect for blink fans because of the last post… You don’t see Mark, Tom, or Travis saying shit like that…

  4. I’ve noticed that no photos of Travis… I wonder if that means he goes to rehearsals then he immediately leaves to go work on the album for the finishing touches.

  5. I usually can’t stand the color red… It always made me sick and have headaches… but? This hue is actually really nice! I love their detail on the tail fin as well!

  6. Wow! You flew right over the Mall?! I thought that was highly restricted air space?

  7. I don’t get why this song gets so much hate.

  8. I think mostly it just feels so out of place out of the rest of the songs. All of them besides this one have a very atmospheric vibe to them and then this one comes in a throws off the flow of the album to some listeners.

  9. That’s a awesome Space Systems Command Squadron patch! I love how you guys chose yellowish gold as your border color. Really makes the art in the center stand out more!

  10. It really does pop. I myself am a fan of the STARCOM blue but it’s probably because i don’t fall under them.

  11. Even though my favorite Delta (Del 9) doesn’t fall under Space Systems Command? I’ll have to say your Command Patch/Logo is the coolest one out of all the Commands. The elements as well as how the earth looks? Everything about it is amazing!… also thank you for your service!

  12. Sober and no future are amazing imo. San Diego, Peking lot and a few other are really good too. Deff better than Nine

  13. I just went through NINE. NINE has some really good songs.. but? California just hits from front to back.

  14. I don’t enjoy NINE and California as much as the other albums obviously. But songs like Cynical, Blame It On My Youth, San Diego and Heaven are so good.

  15. I feel the same way.. I’ll always like the other albums better but? I actually can dig and like listening to California now. Unlike before..

  16. Good lord…. You don’t know what you just ordered???! 😂

  17. Considering how Tom sounded on Angels & Airwaves recent tours? I think he’ll be just fine!…

  18. Waiting for whateverdude to come in here and start bitching

  19. Lol right! Also? Very glad to see a new song with Tom still hitting it out of the park! Blink can still be successful with Tom….

  20. Definitely Thanos vibes from Kang in this poster. It’s about to go down in that Kang is going to start his master plan on breaking the Multiverse!

  21. I STRONGLY 100% disagree with this….

  22. Started on the drums, then went to guitar and bass.

  23. The Rock Show, Anthem Part Two, First Date, and Ghost On The Dancefloor.

  24. Now this is a list I can get behind.

  25. Man, looks like this album will give us a bit of everything we’ve loved from them over the years

  26. And what in the hell has Tom, Mark, or Travis done anything with double bass kick?!!?? 😂

  27. Oh what the fuck!?!?! Double Bass on Blink-182!?!?! My Metalcore/Metal fan in me is getting excited like a little school girl on high school prom night?! 😂❤️

  28. He’s so jealous…. I like NOFX… but?! Every album is the same.. Maybe if NOFX branched out and evolved like blink did? NOFX would probably have more mainstream success like blink-182 has. What blink did from JOYPAJ to Untitled was a huge gamble because that album practically reinvented the band.. Mark, Tom, and Travis were just lucky that the fans actually loved and liked it!… and stayed committed as fans along the way.

  29. They’re making a comeback 2023 in the states they have a new account on IG I believe it’s Macbethfootwear_global

  30. Omg fuck yes!…. I miss them so much! I had to Tom Signature ones. I hope the quality is a lot better this time…

  31. I love that Tom genuinely seems really stoked on blink-182 again! As well as the three of themes friendship looks like it’s running at 110%! Again!

  32. Since when do we take blink-182 so seriously? It’s a band to just have fun with and to have very unique and interesting music from three incredibly different guys…

  33. He looks pretty young AF in this photo!…

  34. Removing Marks singing will be just as bad as Tom not in the band. And I would hate it… Might as well just be listening to Box Car Racer or Angels & Airwaves at that point…. blink-182 has never been for the professionalism or them having the best vocals. It’s always been about passion, rawness, and just pure fucking having fun… If you’re a fan or Mark and Tom? Then you know your not going to get the best singing in the world. But your going to get the most unique and amazing sounding shit that no other band writes or plays… Because Tom, Mark, and Travis are 3 different people coming together and making amazing music that tugs left and right and keeping you engaged constantly from front to end with every song and album they put out!… Leave Mark’s singing in! I could care less about him sounding great or perfect! Same thing with Tom!… I’m here as a fan to hear music that no other band gives me…

  35. Please don’t get my hopes up!…

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