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  1. open-faced floof sammich. Just need to spread the floof out. No need to add jam, she looks sweet enough.

  2. Monsterboys (if mermaids count as monsters) are so underrepresented. Or, at least, poorly represented.

  3. In popular media at least, monster girls are pretty much always sexy while their male counterparts are ugly, scary, or clearly not meant to satisfy anyone’s fantasies. We need more sexy monster men!

  4. Either make them both scary and intimidating, or both sexy.

  5. When I was working at a grocery store deli I got hit on by old men all the time and it was weird. Literally no makeup, wearing a stupid hat and a hairnet, a dirty apron that made me look flat-chested, half the time I was wearing a mask, and I smelled like fuckin kitchen grease. WHAT IS SO ATTRACTIVE ABOUT THAT, SIR!?

  6. Why no anime with overly hornii human girl and her scantily-clad himbo alien hubby?

  7. I'm shocked this isn't the first comment.

  8. I guess you could say the fact this isn’t the first comment is pretty… SUS.

  9. There is gonna be so much Rule 34 of Scary Girl LMAO

  10. These designs are kinda mid tbh. I do like that they look more grounded but a character design should be able to instantly communicate what a character is all about and I’m just not getting that for most of these characters. Granted, lots of characters from previous generations also had this problem but it seems to affect a bigger proportion of this cast imo. I also hope Chef’s Dramarama outfit is just there as a placeholder/accident coz I’d much rather see the man named CHEF who was originally supposed to be the CHEF of the camp dressed for his job.

  11. I like how 3 of the third-placers also won a season.

  12. Since he went to that convention in Liechtenstein.

  13. I think I speak for everyone when I say: AWOOGA!

  14. Taylor but Kelly hires kids to sell her oregano instead of actual weed

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