1. No feats for Darkseid. He’s probably relative to Superman though so with feats I bet he’d win. But in the current absence of feats gotta go with Gorr.

  2. Even though Darkseid has no feats I'm going to extrapolate based on scenes from the movies:

  3. Her face after recovery is priceless

  4. Yea? And? Crushing Mjolnir is because she inherited Odin's power making her in charge of the enchantments. Don't get me wrong, Gorr should be powerful, but we never see him do any God butchering he just kinda fights a bit against Thor. No one is nearly as fast as Zod and it's pretty unclear any of them are remotely as strong.

  5. We aren't really talking about making big changes. France already outclassed Germany on paper, France just needs to fight more aggressively, confidently.

  6. Honestly, getting rid of Maurice Gamelin earlier would probably change the outcome of the Battle of France by itself.

  7. I don’t really know Natalie Portman, but I feel like she’d probably be too weirded out that three of her careers fictional lovers are actually real and not just characters played by actors to want to be with any of them.

  8. For the sake of the prompt, she doesn't know who these 3 guys are. They're strangers to her.

  9. I was initially going to answer John Wick because of his combat experience (Michael isn’t a fighter and there’s nothing to indicate he’s a special shot. He’s just a bank robber after all) but then I realized Michael is literally a video character and if we’re abiding by that logic, he stomps this round. His special ability and access to OP weapons from Ammunation (Railgun, Minigun, etc.) virtually guarantees a win.

  10. From what I remember Michael is stated to only kill when it’s necessary so if we don’t factor in player-input, he’s probably only killed a handful of people. If it’s story Michael and not player-controlled Michael that gets into a fight with John Wick, he loses.

  11. I'm pretty sure everything that happens in the missions is canon. So Michael has canonically killed hundreds of cops, including heavily armed NOOSE, as well as Merryweather mercs.

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