1. Didn't say his composed songs were bad. They were very good! He's given Alka Yagnik some of the best songs of her career.

  2. C'mon dude. Dhinchak Pooja se to YE BHI bhot accha gata hai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Shahid Kapoor is only guy who actually look great with beard or without beard

  4. So Hritik of bang bang and Hritik of war both didn't look really good? Chal be champli.

  5. Conspiracy against the human race padhle to. Khushiya bhar jayegi jeevan mein.

  6. Chaddhis crying in comment sectionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.....keep crying ramtardsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Kaha bhai? There is not even a single comment jismein log isse support kr rhe ha.

  8. Am i the only one here who is saying that men are left alone when they hit rock bottom? This comment section is full of people who will agree with me and you can experiment by posting it on any other subreddit or any other social media app. You are the one who is living in a bubble of a privileged life and basing every man's life under your own personal experience. There is a reason men have 3 times the suicide rate than women and the loneliness indexes are off the chart when compared to women. And i have great friends and i have not yet hit rock bottom but i still know that men are left alone when they hit rock bottom because i live in the real world and not utopia. And you will find how good your "friends" are when you hit rock bottom and how real your "reality" actually is. And i live a good life but i am also aware of the sufferings of other people and not ignore or gaslight them,

  9. Oh wow so you have great friends and have not experienced this 'reality' yourself but are SO sure of this being 'reality that you cannnot escape' that you'd go as far as calling someone's personal truth a lie and BS for not confirming to it?

  10. "Oh wow so you have great friends and have not experienced this 'reality' yourself"....You don't have to suffer from someone's reality to know that is true.

  11. 'You don't have to suffer from someone's reality to know that is true.' - Yes, truth, but not a universal/objective truth.

  12. He did mention the same reason you gave in one of his interviews, I think in Aap ki adaalat not sure tho.

  13. Haan but ye nature zindagi khudka gussa vagerah wo reasons nhi diye the, bs jail cases andar bahar aate rehna wo reason bola tha.

  14. King wanted to accede Kashmir to India before the independence, in July itself. But Nehru refused. Nehru agreed to accession only after Pakistan invaded them

  15. And it was the small 200-men force of Jammu and Kashmir State which bravely stood against the pakistani invasion for 4 days, and created the delay for Indian army to arrive.

  16. I am 5’8, he must be 5’10-11. Frankly i thought he must be a 6 footer. Also, his dressing sense is absolute crap.

  17. So 'seena 6 biscoot da, o munda 6 foot da' is a lie? πŸ˜‚

  18. I don't think 30 yrs wala metric is important. Rajesh khanna has THE CRAZIEST level of superstardom and fans ka pagalpan that bollywood has ever seen, but that was for around 20 years only.

  19. I used the word metric in jest n coz the other person used it, I am not using 30 yrs as a metric for srk salman but was just using the word "metric" it as argument's sake. Implying constant audience support for over 30 yrs. I do NOT have or believe in any sort of metric.

  20. True. But that 20 year period was mind-boggling. Kabhi kabhi kya roz hi uss aadmi ko lagta hoga apun hij bhagwan hai. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. We always had a better education system where practical experience was given more importance over books & curriculums and what not. Somehow that has sticked with us even now.

  22. No we didn't/don't. That is just bs talk.

  23. Earning a livelihood after losing their parents.

  24. Lol why do some people act like being vegetarian is some sort of achievement?

  25. I've seen elder people do that but mostly in rural areas or just at home. Yes, desis do this on their plate (not the new generation though) but not in a restaurant.

  26. Really? I have only seen those elders from rural areas (have many, seen many) wash their hands in the plate but kulla krke bahar spit krte ha mitti mein zameen mein ya kisi dusre container mein.

  27. Nah. Excuses. Jharkhand has a much smaller population, is landlocked, and has more % of poor than UP. MP has a bigger population than Jharkhand, is landlocked, but has less % of poor than it. It is not about population. It is just that UP is ultra potty.

  28. 'I want another one' to Bangladesh was just epic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  29. Explanation: He says he used the word 'retard' to make fun of people until he actually became the father of a mentally slow/intellectually not developed for her age girl, who is 'technically' a retard; but now it hurts him to hear the word.

  30. When y'all used to watch power rangers I used to watch this fir pata nahi achanak se band ho gaya

  31. No 'we'll' also used to watch this only, special human.

  32. Saif looks much more Raavan here than in Adipurush.

  33. I see a lot of "intellectual" bullshit coming out of your mouth. Wonder why you hate him so much .. is it because he roams in expensive cars or wears expensive watches ? You would still question him even if he walks barefoot because your problem is that you hate spiritual organisations because all you have seen are fake spiritual organisations who manipulate gullible people.. so you have lost the ability to seperate fake from real.. that's not our problem. But atleast look into the matter properly before you accuse Isha Foundation. If you can't even do that but simply carry hate in your heart and keep spewing venom in Sadhguru sub.. how bitter you must be ?.. Sadhguru has a treatment for people like you as well.. just enroll into his yoga program and you will understand. Instead of carrying so much hate first try to honestly explore then you will know why we respect him.

  34. Sadhguru says this beautiful thing, there are no monuments for people who criticise, only people who do work become eligible. Critiques live a parasitic life, they have no existence without the person who actually does something. They might sound cooler and more intellectual cus they're pointing out flaws, but what flaws will a person have when they themselves do nothing, this is their condition. No point wasting energy on fools like them.

  35. Lol. Firstly, just stop with the 'intellectual' shenanigan. Smh. I am not even claiming to be an intellectual or say intellectual things. This is a very sub-level argument and conversation happening that is echelons below something 'intellectual' so just stop attributing me with your intellectual label and then putting it within quotes to say how I am not one. Chhoti bacchi ho kya.

  36. This 'awful music' is a classical music instrument you haven't heard before.

  37. It is not fake but it is not -40 also. Still impressive.

  38. It is about genes. Diet can take you to the best healthy expression of your gene but not beyond it. All the tallest people countries are in Europe who are all non-vegetarians.

  39. Shi mein bhai song to bhot fadu ha. Jo kamar matakti ha ispe kisi aur gaane pe nhi matakti πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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