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  1. Nobody cares about your dogshit duplicated sunbeam. Sincerely ME bozo.

  2. The "Meeseeks and Destroy" loading screen will be obtained in the Fortnite Item Shop in a small bundle along with the Pickle Rick backbling.

  3. It is confirmed, remember the “corrupted” russian employee well this is one of the many things he leaked, he also leaked tanks

  4. It’s confirmed to being a fake leak.

  5. The own creator explaining how it was a fake leak.

  6. Thanks for posting, but we've had to remove your post.

  7. BTW it’s a completely “new skin” and not a style.

  8. Thanks for posting, but we've had to remove your post.

  9. Thanks for posting, but we've had to remove your post.

  10. A core reperk can change the 6th perk on schematics.

  11. I’m grinding for a weapon voucher for the vacuum bow it looks good with an op setup

  12. Propane husks. Rather be safe putting them 2 tiles high than 1

  13. You defend less files. If the time goes completely down you only defend 11 and half files. But waiting for the timer to hit 0 makes the mission take longer because you have to wait those 10 minutes and on top of that still defend the 11 files. If he’s making a big deal out of it just because you shot it down he doesn’t seem like a good “group leader” after all.

  14. I forgot to mention he booted me right after that mission🤣 it was just a random group I got off discord so I didn’t care. I was just asking about this because I have never seen this done before and he made it seem like we lost out on xp or something. His mic was terrible.

  15. 😂😂. Hate those type of people. They think they have all the power just because they made the group. You’re better of finding lobbies with randoms than following orders from a guy who wants everything his way.

  16. Hey there! You'll have better luck with this in our Discord:

  17. To commemorate the beginning of the end, everyone who logs into Fortnite from December 2 at 9 AM ET to December 4 at 2:45 AM ET will receive the Toasty Roast Emote for free!

  18. Yes the six feet under melee is a fortnightmares weapon. But you CANT obtain from a llama. You can purchase with gold on the event store. But it seems epic didn’t release this year.

  19. Oh wow... How could they not release it? Did they forget? Mostly rhetorical question. Thank you for putting me at slight ease as it was the only thing missing from my C.B. fortnitemares tab, excluding the new weapons.

  20. Here’s more information about it.

  21. Just let the time unfreeze. Usually this happens when you have glitched your home base. Meaning you passed the building limit by a lot so the game takes longer to load you in.

  22. Thanks for posting, but we've had to remove your post.

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