Dog dies as cat enjoys attention

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  1. This post felt like a moment with your parents. Wanted to show them funny video or picture and they turn it into life lesson)))

  2. Welcome to the sub. Now stop trying to enjoy the game, and put Colossus on your brother immediately before people start calling you at work

  3. Yeah, they're like a murder of crows after an alley Dorito.

  4. Exactly. Reminds me of a Columbidae of pigeons fighting over a trash can Tostito.

  5. That mouse is a paid actor. I’ve seen him in 3 other documentaries this year.

  6. People downvoting you for simply giving your opinion. Great reaction, Reddit.

  7. Reddit will never upvote anything except for feel-good answers to these type of questions. Don’t know why the fuck people bother. “Oh you’re covered from head to toe in body pimples? Haha no need to exfoliate or go to a dermatologist. I care more about how big ur smile is lol :)”

  8. Can’t hit my flesh if i have no flesh.

  9. I played 100s of hours without finally realizing this, so FYI for anyone who didn’t know - throwing axes are actually reasonably effective against skeletons, especially if you have throwing weapon specialist perk and also the extra heavy throwing axes that some barbarians drop

  10. I mean you’re basically watching a mushroom cummin but yeah it looks neat

  11. Same chick that compared the Ukrainian military to ISIS lol EDIT: it is also the anniversary of Alexei Navalny’s attempted assassination…

  12. This whole situation is like the schoolyard bully that’s been picking on weaker people in the neighborhood for years, and now they finally get punched in the mouth and expect people to feel sorry for them

  13. The previous description makes it sound like it needs work. The new description describes it as "newly renovated". Its just an extremely quick flip, they likely updated floors and the kitchen and didn't even both looking at the roof. Have you ever heard the phrase "lipstick on a pig"?

  14. Very unlikely that someone would be doing a flip for those kind of margins. The transaction/renovation costs alone will eat a good chunk of that 100k, plus there’s no guarantee they get their asking price.

  15. I'm from the US and our national anthem is basically about war and explosions and a colorful flag. It sounds like it was written by a 19th century frat boy with a degree in philosophy

  16. Agree that forced singing of any anthem is cringe, but it’s actually a pretty cool story. The guy who wrote it was a negotiator who was detained by the British because they didn't want him to reveal their imminent attack plans on a nearby fort.

  17. Yeah it's great till you get to the third verse where he tells slaves that if you fight for freedom, (with the British) we will hunt you down and kill you. A true American anthem contains not so casual racism

  18. “No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”

  19. Controversial take: while Gadhaffi did some horrific things in his life, he had absolutely turned things around later on. He turned Libya from one of the poorest countries in Africa to a prospering economy where refugees would flee to for better lives. He voluntarily dismantled Libyas nuclear program, and his final life’s goal seemed to be the creation of a unified and prosperous Africa.

  20. What I am picking up about this, is that the last time things were build to last was before the U.S. civil war.

  21. Yes, this singular attack (whether intentional or not) from >50 years ago by people that are all dead should continue to be the basis for our foreign policy with this country today. Good thinking guys. Be sure to respond with your downvotes since the idiocy of your logic will not be able to stand on its own.

  22. My dude looked sad almost crying. I bet this racist white dude constantly fucks with them.

  23. Yes I picked up on that as well. The entire way he was acting was like a guy that just wanted his family to be left alone from a neighbor that constantly bothers them.

  24. Lol fucking relax, it's a 45s clip of a dog getting ignored. For sure they pet the dog after the camera was off.

  25. Beautiful. Does he still shed a lot the same as the short-haired GSDs? I’ve always wanted one but my fiancé is terrified of the shedding.

  26. In the game settings, there is an option for fast crafting. Click that. One animation, all your threshing, done.

  27. This entire thread is massively over complicated and OP you are completely missing the basics of evolution.

  28. Seriously? You have a link about russia going back on its word? I’m not surprised.

  29. Just discussing it is a bit nuts but the article is crazy, they want to ban ALL POW exchanges with Ukraine then the article goes on to discuss what to do with the POWS Russia already has and talks about just killing them.

  30. Pretty sure the Ukrainian leadership expected this given Russia’s dealmaking history, but decided it was the least shitty option compared to letting their soldiers slowly starve to death or die from lack of medical supplies. Still terrible to see.

  31. She's talking to Mitch McConnell, who helped Trump get away with blackmailing Ukraine and has the audacity to turn up for a picture 2 years later.

  32. Sholz is a man. And he’s talking about his German political opponent. And if you want to help Ukraine, then you should be in favor of support from whoever gives it instead of seeing the entire world through your little political lens. Mitch McConnell pushed isolationist GOP members to increase support for Ukraine after his visit. That is a good thing.

  33. Right / left wing boxes are limiting and inadequate to describe many people's political leanings, Musk included.

  34. The more intelligent and successful people are, the more you will tend to see them think for themselves and have views that do not neatly fit into any particular political box. When one of those views offends people that see everything through a political lens, they will usually be vilified and labeled as a member of the other group. This has been happening to Musk for years from both sides.

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