1. On my first run I had other people do it for me and people taught me. Now, I ride a dirt bike through the gate and part everything all the way to the tower. Pretty simple.

  2. It feels so dumb when I’m driving a dirt bike through a fence door, in front of three guards and not getting caught at all 💀

  3. If he had boss health checkpoints on this resets her from half back to full (leaving the arena fully). You can climb down the mountain, but once you make that first jump her health bar goes right back up to full. I noticed this while helping a buddy of mine beat Gnà and suggested he use that feature. He did, however had no res stone but had gotten her to half, ran over , bought one, and then went to fight her immediately again and she was back at full health. I told him use freya to temporarily lower her level and just smash runics and use your powerful hilts then which he did and after many many tries he finally got it. But yea, you lose that half bar of health you chunked off if you leave the arena and have boss checkpoints on

  4. Isn’t this more like a cross? I thought for a hook your arm had to be bent and you would rely on twist and speed?

  5. Yeah, I should have added a /s but I thought people would realise.

  6. Did they nerf the sledgehammer or smth? I thought it was rly good?

  7. No. That and the Blades should always be his curses to bear.

  8. They’re trying to gaslight people even though everyone has seen it to the point where it’s impossible. The original plan was to post the Waffle House thing for one day only then delete everything and act like it never happened but instead of starting when it was supposed to they started a month early ruining it.

  9. Brok is dead dead, doesn’t even have an afterlife he just doesn’t exist anymore. Atreus was nowhere near his body nor did he chant anything during that scene like he did with Fenrir or the other guy

  10. No like in the last game after the final fight certain areas were blocked off, and you weren’t able to go back and get ravens and such

  11. I don't recall any place not been accesible. It's true that in Midgard, in the forest, it was tedious to reach some places, but anything that had to be accessed for a secondary mission, could be accessed.

  12. I think it was around where the frost giant was before freya awakened it. There was a frost ancient or smth back there that I wasn’t able to kill and fully 100% the but idk

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