1. Exactly, and why did miss Buckin said to Marco "ask Vegapunk" about Weevil's lineage? If WB and Stussy fucked what does Vegapunk has to do with it?

  2. Vegapunk is probably one of the only characters who could preform a dna test

  3. Looks pretty good but my helmet money is going to Cody and Rex

  4. That's funny. I was born in 1975. Have LOVED Star Wars since before I can remember. My money will be going to Boushh before Rex or Cody. Although I like the Rex can Cody helmets & I will most likely be buying both, in my eyes the Boushh helmet is FAR more iconic than the other 2. It definitely seems there is a big difference in how people perceive the icons of the franchise... I barely even acknowledge the prequals when I think of Star Wars. The Original trilogy is what it's ALL about in my eyes.

  5. Growing up I watched both prequel and original and I loved both (and a little later the clone wars). Return of the Jedi was my favorite movie when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong this set is really good but I don’t have infinite money to spend on every lego I want all the time so I’d personally prefer to get iconic clone helmets now that they’re finally a thing compared to the one time leaia wore a helmet

  6. Sorry to tell you this but they already did a predator collab in the Ch2S5 battle pass

  7. Most fortnite players don’t want solutions, they just want to have the whole loot pool vaulted every season

  8. Yep and call it fun when only basic guns is in the game.

  9. Basics guns are to OP. Did you know if you get show with a gun you can die? Totally overpowered!

  10. Wow hammers, shields, and birds are definitely all things fortnite ripped off from marvel and totally never existed anywhere before

  11. I’m certainly out in the cold on it now. Is it just the obvious that the warlord clones are black but stussy isn’t so that’s a real question? Or is there something I’m missing?

  12. The warlords are black because they’ve been altered with lunarian dna, Stussy hasn’t

  13. Not everyone can "just spend the $15." Saying that is a really privileged take.

  14. Nice virtue signal, but if you can afford a computer or console and the internet to play fortnite you can afford 15$ over 5 years

  15. How the hell is it virtue signaling to say "some people can't afford to put down money for cosmetics in games"? You NEED a computer in today's world to do most jobs, as well as the internet. Saying "Oh well you can afford those" isn't an argument.

  16. It’s a virtue signal because you’re trying to act like “look how good I am defending the totally real poor starving fortnite fans”

  17. “I’m stronger than an ant, if ant ant were this big”

  18. Does dark blue moon even have any powers? Doesn’t it just swim?

  19. I think George’s stand ability would be that episode where he decides to do everything opposite and it makes everything just go his way but then everything starts going wrong for Elaine. So it’s an ability to steal someone else’s luck and give to the user.

  20. Would be fun for me and my friends just goofing around and killing each other

  21. It just occurred to me that Magcian’s Red is Speed King but better but used worse

  22. Fortnite is the funniest game ever but so much of the player base are joyless bastards

  23. Yeah should be more than full price, comes with extra jam

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