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  1. one of the last things I expected was a pitchfork to the doggo :(

  2. Pigmask Colonel. Not entirely sure why but I love his design with the cape, I like that they seen several times but not fought until way later, and I like that he starts off as a mini boss in chapter 7 before becoming a regular enemy in 8. Plus he has unfounded revenge as his battle theme.

  3. Just having Unfounded Revenge as a normal battle theme for once is a privilege I can't respect enough

  4. Vanilla Cream, Cream Cheese, uh... Milk Cream? Cream Milk?

  5. I want a spy-related game that involves mainly Rouge, not sure how that's gonna work though. Fly in the Freedom IMO should have the Sonic Adventure 2 treatment where Sonic-Knuckles' themes were remixed, if not that's fine.

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