1. Jr wins via speed blitz against Doyle and sikrosky

  2. Yeah all he hid was the Mach punch and the fact he had to do it 4 times and Hanayama was still standing makes it quite clear it’s not as impactful as you make it seem. You act like this is Baki not using his demon back when he could holding back. And even when he did use the Mach punch Hanayama kept going .And you clearly ignored Katsumi’s own statement and the showings that Hanayama could’ve ended the fights 3 times before . We have multiple examples of Hanayama holding back .

  3. Break it up into paragraph Jesus. This is hard to read

  4. No diffed? Jacks fast but he’s not blitzing Hanayama like that his fights are all very close range. Motobe was able to toss a cigarette at Jack and hit him with that and then attack him before he could notice or recover. Motobe even slashed jack with his wooden sword and caused him to bleed.He’s also not as smart of a fighter as he becomes later one. Jacks biting is useless as a stronger jack’s teeth broke against Motobe’s aramid fiber jacket so that’s definitely not gonna work on Hanayama. Also Hanayama’s grip is insane .Hanayama’s very durable . He stood up with bullets in his knees. Jack after having his foot cut by motobe shows some weakness with that. Hanayama’s gonna tank his attacks till he gets time to punch him enough or rip part of his body with his grip. Hanayama’s definitely beating that version of Jack. He far outclasses him physically and in his endurance and Jack still had too many flaws to beat him.Specks a different question.

  5. “Jacks fast but he’s not blitzing Hanayama like that his fights are all very close range”

  6. I feel like the sandman stunning was ok since casual servers are super packed and could help offset stuff like a full team of soldiers and demos, possibly engies, ect….

  7. Ok ban incoming. Your wish is my command.

  8. Guy lost to Levan and now Devon haters, despite him 6-0ing a European, are dick riding the Euros to hell and back. These people will burn down an orphanage if it means they don’t have to admit Devon is a good armwrestler

  9. Devon haters have been saying the same shit for years. Like being beaten by the strongest wrestler ever just gave these guys so much confidence that instantly got turned into cope after Devon swept a European.

  10. Oliva isn’t slow but scaling Ron to Olivia’s speed when he caught Baki is faulty scaling. Oliva was using more power and speed when he fought Baki.

  11. I was just defending Oliva wasn’t a slow character.

  12. He should be faster than Prisoner arc Baki but not Retai tournament Baki. That Baki beat Shunsei who was around Ron’s level in two seconds a feat Retsu praised and made Oliva himself state to baki, “you’re stronger than your dad”, and while he obviously shouldn’t have been serious it at least means he believes that Baki was above Ron.

  13. Baki characters say a lot of thing that are blatantly wrong and regularly overestimate their own abilities. Doppo and Gouki saying Jr was on Baki’s level was just blatantly wrong.

  14. fucking his wife is deadly bro, thats hardcore training in itself

  15. No wonder he’s so strong. Since she’s always eating and gaining weight, Oliva’s progressively overloading a full body exercise regularly

  16. No, Yujiro has not only raped three people (that we know about) and seemed to not give a fuck about it. He's threatened it, abusive, doesn't actually care about Baki (only his fighting ability, killed innocent, intelligent animals for the sake of his own pleasure, completely ended a random fighter's career for the sake of getting someone he was tight with into a tournament and eats well done steak. His entire philosophy is supposed to be the epitome of toxic masculinity. It's not even that he acts like a man, he acts like a tyrant. He's just bad in all aspects.

  17. He basically raped Baki’s mom. We all know that even if Emi refused, Yujiro would’ve most likely raped her

  18. Retsu extreme-diff. This would be the Kanoh v Gaolang of Baki, if ever Retsu agrees to fight Ali Jr. in his domain. Very difficult but Retsu is a very technical kind of fighter and he would find a way sooner or later to beat Jr. His durability would carry him if he doesn't get KTFO right away by Jr.

  19. Ali beat fraiser in his prime. Jr is either at his level or higher based off raw stats. Retsu did beat Fraiser but he did it with some....... well let's just say unconventional methods.

  20. Jr waxes him. Retsu was struggling vs opponents that Sr already beat, and Jr is above prime Sr.

  21. Bro what copium are Ermes fans smoking thinking he has a chance vs Levan

  22. There are weight categories in all combat sports. Levan is Super heavyweight, Brzenk is a middle weight who ate super heavies for lunch for the last 40 years. Hence, Brzenk is the GOAT and Levan is not. If you can't understand that logic, I don't know what else to tell you.

  23. So then Oleg Zhokh should be the GOAT because he used to beat people much heavier than him than John was

  24. She challenged him to a fight. As a reward for her fighting spirit, Yujiro complimented her and hugged her with all his strength. That is the closest to true love that Yujiro can possibly express.

  25. This honestly makes sense considering Baki’s wacky writing

  26. We don't really know /how/ skilled he is really, since he's only had two fights and both of them were relatively unique/weird.

  27. Probably caps out with the weaker main characters like Doppo, Oliva, and Shibukawa. He doesn't have the absurd physical tools of Pickle/Sukune/Jack.

  28. He’s definitely stronger and more durable than Doppo and shibuakwa but his overall skill set would hold him back.

  29. Dude could open the fight by firing a Barret .50 into Motobe's chest and still lose thanks to that fucking armour.

  30. Nah a 50 cal def gonna dust off that armor. Even Jack was able to pierce it a little before he got iced out

  31. Musashi wasn't able to cut it and he could hack entire armoured vehicles in half, albeit with more motion than he applied to cutting the armour. .50 cal is a big bullet but people horribly overestimate guns and horribly underestimate armour plating.

  32. Tbf, it’s not like Musashi was actually serious vs motobe

  33. That is true kaku is really powerful against blunt force and has amazing destructivity, and he can beat Jack but it's gonna be significantly harder than beating up a guy like oliva, because jack can bite him and that shit gonna drop him fast

  34. But that’s the thing,Jack can ONLY bite Kaku

  35. We don’t know that. Kaku’s fast af and obviously hits way harder. Considering offensive Xiao Lee sent Yujiro flying, knocked him on his ass, actually made Kaku physically move his head and scared him the first time he witnessed it, I don’t think Jack’s gonna fair well taking a full on Xiao Lee hit.

  36. It definitely sucked as I really grew to like Oliva. I was mad that Yujiro didn’t let get a hit in. Then I remembered he at least dodged Kaku’s blows and talked about how he wouldn’t want to be hit by Oliva. So maybe it was a respect thing?

  37. No it wouldn't have. I wrestled at the same college Severn did (ASU). I was there when he came back after UFC 4 and worked out with Dan "Hendo" Henderson. He didn't use any I didn't have my shoes'excuses.

  38. Well clearly the shoes were threatening enough for the ufc to not allow Shamrock to use them (which they never had a problem with up to that point) but allowed for Gracie to use his gi.

  39. Bruv, you're using Jeff as a demonstration of Oliva's speed. The same Jeff that still did manage to stab him.

  40. Wow, the character that likes to stand around and tank hits to flex, stood still to tank a hit to flex. Really got me there.

  41. Thats the same thing i keep telling people, Baki was losing that fight. Musashi wasnt serious but serious enough for Baki to get help from the old woman.

  42. People also say that Baki could’ve won if he used his demonback. I think a lot of people don’t realize the the demonback isn’t a power up that he controls at will. He needs to be under certain conditions to use it. Which is why he was able to use it for characters like Retsu, Jack and Oliva but not for Pickle and Musashi (where he very clearly needed it)

  43. It's amazing to see people talk about how Musashi was holding back against Baki but never acknowledge not only did Baki never go into Demonback but was also shown to explicitly have

  44. The reason Baki never used his demonback is because he can’t use it at will. I made an entire thread explaining why Musahsi is a counter to Baki but I’ll make it short here since I think you’ll understand.

  45. Sukune wins with the mid dif coming from Honoo being fast af

  46. He’s below Doppo level so he’s pretty weak

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