1. id have the biggest burly guy on the staff call it out so he don't get the satisfaction of the colored hair girl saying it. unless he's into that but prob not if he does cringe shit like dat

  2. it doesn't take away the pain it just transfers it to the people who love you, take it from someone who's been in your shoes a lot deeper. your brain convinces itself that a lot of negative things and aspects of life are the way it is but that's not the case and there's another way out. you just gotta put yourself in a different surrounding or setting that gives you room to prosper. you're still young and have alot of life left in you too much to be thrown away

  3. how tf are there baristas here that don't sequence?? this isn't papas freezeria 😭

  4. what about SB upping the price of every drink when the holiday ones come out, at my store it's almost 7$ for a grande mocha frap

  5. have told management, they couldn't care less. they won't even ban people who have stalked our coworkers

  6. nah it was with his boxers but they were pretty loose so u could see the whole shape

  7. if you've already got the interview then no, and you'll never need to bring someone with you ever

  8. That’s good to know! And I just realized how it sounded! I didn’t mean bring the people lol…just their name and number. Interview tomorrow 🤞🏻

  9. all good, also in the interview they're probably gonna ask what your favorite drink is and how you would recommend it to somebody, so if u got that down you probably got the job

  10. S2D....also Slash plays the guitar on Halls of Illusion and the intro to the Great Milenko album was done by Alice Cooper.

  11. I remember hearing about this. I think it was Dog Fashion Disco.

  12. i need to go to a corporate location then damn i work at one in a grocery store and you get 5% off only and no free drinks or food whatsoever and 1 15 minute break regardless of hours worked

  13. how are so many people in here taking this seriously y'all are supposed to work here how have u not heard the fuckin commercial

  14. about 3 weeks of at least 3 days a week working/ training for me to be able to close alone and handle the drinks, you'll get the hang of it just memorize the shots/ syrup rules and don't hesitate to bust out the drink recipe book

  15. the juggalo part has nothing to do with it it would be a christianity vs satanism issue, but i can't imagine a a christian juggalo would be too offended especially if they like the early records

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