This is the fattest polar bear in Alaska. His name is Fat Albert and he lives in a village named Katovik. He weights over 1,000lbs!

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  1. Hahaha this is a great comment. I turned on the World Cup for a few mins two days ago and I shit you not, within 20 seconds a guy immediately flops and holds his leg when the opposing player didn't even touch him. Then it happened again within a minute later. Idk how people can tolerate it. For the biggest sport in the world, it's baffling they haven't figured out a fix for it.

  2. I refuse to watch soccer because of stupid shit like faking injuries over minor to non existing touch

  3. Lacking our starting slot, our 1st round pick, and having a starting safety who leads nfl in ints out.

  4. So glad they gave blankenship a chance over Kvon holy shit such a difference.

  5. Holy shit they are showing Sirianni so much lol. What's going on

  6. Love bioshock 2 myself love the father and daughter story

  7. Tag Force 4, 5 and 6 being remade into a single game would be cool

  8. Hopefully with a unified plot. Hate how they rebooted after 4

  9. Jalen dude us always level headed and focused. Followed by Kelce then slay

  10. I wonder if he cried seeing how far things came.

  11. Unfortunately same. I’m still a sucker for the core gameplay of catching, training, team building, etc. I really think this would be the best Pokémon game of all time if they fleshed out their ideas more and didn’t cut so many corners.

  12. I myself really loved the amount of pokemon you could catch and build a team with in sword and shield so games do indeed catch you on the team building aspect.

  13. Every interview with Johnson he comes off as the nicest guy, every actor who has worked with him gushes about how amazing his sets are, he wrote and directed one of the most successful original films of the last decade (by both raw box office, profit margin, and critical response), and now has Netflix throwing money at him so he can continue shooting fun movies on location with all star casts.

  14. Its like he permanently fucked up Luke for us and the chances if seeing more mark Hamill for the foreseeable future

  15. That’s so true! I love how he completely sidelined the coolest character in the series, Finn. I love how he entirely changed one of the most iconic characters in pop culture, who had a cemented personality trait of never giving up into the exact opposite for no reason. I love how he ego’d his way through the movie even stating his only goal was to “subvert the audiences expectations” and that he literally WANTS half of his audience to hate his movie.

  16. I would argue Finn had more potential to ge the coolest but in reality its probably Poe

  17. Actually really neat we can now run full janemba

  18. To be fair kingdom come is an awesome series for artwork.

  19. I fucking love how Jalen immediately sees it and returns it with no hesitation lmao.

  20. I'm very interested in seeing where his career goes this starting year.

  21. Everyone sooking "missed facemask" yet last week the missed facemask "get over it happens to everyone

  22. Because one barely touched the mask, and the other was goedert getting his face yanked into a fumble that resulted in him getting injured.

  23. They were nice enough to take Carson off our hands for a first though.

  24. Aj Brown pointed at someone and got the same level of punishment.

  25. It looks really bad but it is fun. I haven't played Cyberpunk but from what I've heard about it, if you loved Cyberpunk, you're good at overlooking that sort of stuff and will love Scarlet and Violet. I'm only on gym 2 but so far it's done good things like give you the best variety of pre-first gym Pokemon ever.

  26. Ive played cp on last Gen it's in between. Great gameplay and story but it's short, buggy, and crashes a lot.

  27. This is why while i'm relatively new to the game if I lose even half my workers I'll still be in a roughly decent spot since I got four or five back up 300+ effort workers.

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