2. Thank you! It was, this will forever be a staple for future Thanksgivings

  3. thank u.. i tried chking them out.. but apparently i need a code!? :-/

  4. I think it’s cause of their Black Friday sale but usually you don’t need one

  5. empty a little but awesome view forsure🤘🏼


  7. So was your mum's poontang pie after i left her 😜


  9. thought it was weird and funny... not fvvked up and tweaking !?

  10. how is that !? compare to a regular hand held one!? looks dope aint gonna lie

  11. i have a hand held myself... 490 for me or coldstart.... if i wanna cough a bit i smoke a blunt :-)

  12. I take my dabs around 550°, 600° if I wanna just cause myself pain for a few min



  15. there's enuff sticks to build a cabin ;)

  16. thats not a nugg my gee.. thats just really good herbs sticking together

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