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  1. Does anyone know if relic tools Worth?

  2. That sucks, seems to be a common thing for QL fans, how old are these fans? You might be able to RMA them, I was able to RMA 6 of my fans due stuck pink LEDS and plastic discoloring to a yellowish hue. It was barely a year old, about 7 months. I switched to a new batch of QL120, there seems to be a difference in production since it no longer looks like a warm color hue, but a more 'cooler/bluish' color hue, especially when dealing with all white. But might be me and the plastic is just aging and turning yellowish.

  3. One of my pre installed fans on 4000x is yellowish at the bottom of the fan. I got the case 6 months ago. Are these fans warranty covered?

  4. Lol I’m the type of dude to not tap out even if I have to pee and I’m starving, just for the immersion. Speaking of immersion is it VR compatible?

  5. You can also add a moded gearshift for full 12 or 16 gears.

  6. On my pala I have 3x7lvl gem on CD spells. I don't need anything else.

  7. As others said it fits perfectly. I use the glass on winter and this one at the summer.

  8. Forgive my ignorance. What's the plan to skip Mario 3-4? Not use innana on ST and burst clown with everything plus Nineveh?

  9. You get two free powerpasses after completing shushire (use first you got and then you get another one). If you have used both there are no more Vern passes for you.

  10. That's right. Normally with hyperexpress to combine for ayaya boost

  11. Some intern is probably being fired right now for hitting the turn on server button too early.

  12. Aren't they supposed to check that everything runs smoothly before servers go live? I mean they can see beforehand that the patch works fine to the version. These devs are 🤡🤡

  13. I have yet to finish season 4. Ngl it got boring after season 2.

  14. Το θέμα είναι στα ποσά αρχίζουν οι ενοχές

  15. One more step closer to Los 30. 21 more cards. COPIUM

  16. Noob question. Is this auto driving and testing the tune or you manually driving.

  17. I believe is someone who's going to drop the game and giving away his gold

  18. I wonder how he can sit in the bike with those balls.

  19. I refuse to go to a circus... it's horrible

  20. I "have" a photo sitting on an elephant and holding a lion cub. This was when I was a child while visited a circus with my parents. Growing up realizing how they treat to these poor animals makes me sick. Do circus allowed to this day to do a show with wild animals?

  21. Ac ultimate edition. I will pass it to my brother who just a month ago got his first wheel and I want to introduce him to sim world. Thanks for the chance and happy holidays.

  22. Hey moon. Get on my level (...) I was watching your stream back at HON days.

  23. Μόρα. Άμα δε το δεις / νιώσεις δεν μπορεί να καταλάβεις.

  24. This game is pushing me to delete it more and more every day.

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