1. No suggestions here, but I’m along for the ride because Gladius was a great game.

  2. Honestly wouldn't have picked LionBlaze to be the one to leave Ghost unless it's because he found something better.

  3. It must be. All of the players are sting and have great ceilings, but Shock in particular has a lower floor than Hockser or LB.

  4. Math doesn't always have as much to do with programming as you think. I am rather bad at math and have been a successful programmer since early 2000s. You seem to be focusing on the wrong things. It doesn't matter how you learn it, in a school or in your spare time. All that is going to really matter is; can you do the work, and can you prove you can do the work.

  5. Honest question. As a self taught/bootcamp dev, how the hell do I prove what I know when it is so difficult to get past the HR call? It always comes down to experience and my moral compass won’t let me lie or exaggerate.

  6. Jacknoff6969 is right - us people over 30 don't have time to practice the grind. What we got is what we got.

  7. 33 here, I make time to get about 10 hours a week and the best I can do is maintain these days.

  8. Do you not realize that Furia is already one of the biggest orgs in the world?

  9. Yes, but I was referring to something like a major buyout moreso thanjust a big org. Something silly like NRG dropping their squad, or TSM coming back.

  10. Damn no spring major despite being the best LAN we’ve had

  11. I think it's because NRG didn't qualify and G2, BDS, Faze, and Liquid went out early which is where most of the hype was going into it.

  12. I dont have time for a detailed response like everyone else, but I have a feeling that your taste is similar to mine.

  13. If Shogun, Johnnyboi and Achieves is casting this semi whos casting the grand finals?

  14. If Furia get this, it busts my bracket. But I can only feel happy for them. They really deserve this.

  15. Bro, they only made it to the grand finals of the last major, they clearly haven't proven themselves yet... /s

  16. This was a looonng time ago so it doesn't count for anything, but, NRG have lost to an OCE team once.

  17. Well, at least we had 1 good series today.

  18. That was absolutely exhilarating. One of the best single matches of rocket league I've ever watched. Wish that we could've seen a game 7, but this was an unbelievable performance.

  19. No way that Furia misses out on top 8 when they are up against either The Club or Dig.

  20. Not an overview, or even one that is kept up with too much these days, but Cole and Stumpy started out with a podcast called "SubPar Poddy C."

  21. Why do most of these teams pound the ball to the other team when they have clear possession? Are passing plays that hard now?

  22. Pay attention to boost levels. Often times when a team has lower boost, they end up booming it to buy time. Passing plays on low boost at this level are a no-go.

  23. Sypical is looking like the most creative shooter in the game right now.

  24. “Unwinnable” I love Moist, they would be my 4th flair, but…

  25. The heavy use of hyperbole is a big turnoff.

  26. This is the most ironic comment I have read in a long time.

  27. True but you then have to remove the accounts with 0 points in the event because that will skew the average per entry.

  28. This is all achieved in a couple lines of code. If their devs are even half competent then this is a non-issue.

  29. No joke, I only had to scroll 2 comments to see it.

  30. DIG start awful and still drag out a win. DIG haters punching the air rn

  31. Careful! The air is near the backboard and we know how dig does on there.

  32. I knew when I typed it, but jack and backboards have to be talked about some more.

  33. Team that got multiple 9th-12ths in Europe and has been trending downwards for 8 months loses handily to team that got top 8 at the major and multiple top 6s in NA.

  34. Dont forget that 19-81 favorite for dig in the fan vote.

  35. Right there with you but without the work requirement so...

  36. If I remember right (It's been a few years since I did the Bogdan mission and never glitched it), the finale of Doomsday Act 2 can be completed insanely fast if you know where to go, way faster than Cayo Perico.

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