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  1. I know I'm morally right. You want to force a 10 year old who has been raped to have a baby.

  2. So you think abortion should only be legal when it’s a raped minor? Is that what you’re saying?

  3. See this is the thing, you are 100% morally and factually wrong. You emotionally believe you are right, but because you’re wrong you cannot defend your position. That’s why you don’t answer questions directly or argue on substance. Instead you gaslight, throw insults, and change what I am saying.

  4. No amount of societal approval will ever make a gender confused person feel okay with their decision to believe that they are something they are not. When you have to demand that the whole world change the way they speak in order to “feel safe” and to feel like your belief is legitimate, that should be a sign that there’s something wrong with your belief.

  5. They’re making fun of her. Shes a right winger who has sworn off of working on “woke” movies.

  6. She’s actually not right wing at all. She just didn’t like some Covid measures and then got cancelled. Absolute insanity. Evil really.

  7. Talk about misinformation. It was only shown in one theater, this movie made its money through the dailywire’s streaming service. It wasn’t intended to (nor did it try to) make money at the box office.

  8. This is the Republican way. Underfund so you can promote privatization. “Just look at how horrible our schools are! We need school choice so my donors can milk the system!”

  9. Lol. You should realize in general schools in blue areas are in a much worse state than ones in red areas.

  10. I haven't heard this before. Can you share your source, please?

  11. Would you rather send your kids to school in downtown Detroit/Chicago or somewhere is Texas. Pretty easy choice.

  12. I don’t see any links anywhere. What am I missing?

  13. Just fyi turning the preset up super high and jamming the lever up is really bad for the bearings. Also store the reel in free spool to increase bearing life.

  14. Thanks yeah that’s what concerns me. When I got it I couldn’t hardly move the lever and reeling had a lot of resistance. I am wondering how long it’s been sitting with the tension up really high and if it is damaged

  15. Don’t have one. Couldn’t find a PDF online. Manual wouldn’t answer my question anyway. Thanks for the helpful comment.

  16. So i don’t really go surf fishing that much I have a surf set up like just incase I see my myself doing some surf fishing but I do a lot of piers, bridges, and flats I just had it paired up with w 7’6 medium which is way too light I just want a higher weight rating that’s not over 8’

  17. Why is the medium too light? I use my medium more than my MH for those same purposes.

  18. I use one and love it. For the price point its a great all-round rod for inshore fishing with enough sensitivity to feel when something small is playing with it and plenty of backbones for bull reds.

  19. Which one do you have? M or MH? Basic one or Carbon Elite?

  20. SELLING: 10/11 - Game 1 4 tickets for sale in the Hank Aaron terrace. Section 246, 2 in row 2 and 2 in row 3 $110 each (under face value!) Unfortunately I can’t go so trying to get rid of them and not lose too much on them.

  21. Will you break up and sell 2? Trying to take the wife and our 12 week old.

  22. Going to need this again after Soto takes them down

  23. It showed up pretty visible even after cooking it. You could even pull the lines out with a fork.

  24. Those are just the veins. Nothing is wrong with the meat. But the real question is: How do you plan on cooking it?

  25. And are you sure? I am trying to see pictures of other redfish fillets online and I am not seeing those lines. But it’s also hard to find a good picture.

  26. The limit by states is ridiculous. Central VA has been Braves country for a long time and they didn't include us. All the 90s Braves players came through the Richmond Braves first.

  27. Are the codes general or are they specific to each individual

  28. Have a parking ticket for tonight for sale

  29. I have the one on the left. Has like 20 swings on it.

  30. Nope. Just part of the convo.

  31. I also think it's telling that EJ and Jeff want nothing to do with the other group. If the preview of next week is any indication, they don't even want to make the excursion with them.

  32. Danielle and Eva are followers. Their behavior depends on their people they’re around. In other words, when they’re around gossipers, they gossip and talk bad about people.

  33. The women were jealous because shes a cool, beautiful, independent, strong individual who chose not to bond with them via gossip and petty bitchery... So they convinced themselves that its her, not them, and groupthink took hold pretty early on. I cant help but think there was also jungle humping going on of which she wasn't a part. As a result the women saw her as a sexual threat. This is my theory. Also dumb people just need someone to hate. Short answer

  34. Yes. Alana was just as bad as Honora but more skilled at it. She was as nasty as anyone I’ve seen. Especially towards Shane. But the entire show 99% of what she did was make nasty comments towards people or gossip and talk bad about them behind their back. She never did anything helpful.

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