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  1. People buying specifically to trigger short term price movement are the exact people who will sell when it goes up 5%

  2. There has only been like ONE Friday in this entire saga that was noteably good for the price. I'm 99.99% certain the market makers know better than to allow it to run on Friday when there's no time left to properly hedge

  3. They have us this time. Surely something like this could never be used against them. Right?

  4. What can the general population do about it though? If the authoritarians want to push a woke agenda via legally mandated AI censorship then that's that. Just require social media to run content thru the state sponsored api.

  5. I don’t know how you look at the American federal government in present day and think its capable of widespread repression.

  6. ? They widespread repress economically, culturally, and militarily across the entire globe. The only thing stopping them from clamping down on its citizens is the current lack of necessity.

  7. Ah yes, the retail investors who lost money when Celsius and FTX went bust were just not brave enough. If only they'd been more brave and ignored the signs of bankruptcy even harder, then maybe the companies would have survived

  8. It could be about any company on the verge of bankruptcy.

  9. I'll give a quick & cheap recipe right now.

  10. Don't bread crumbs make this high calorie

  11. Right? It takes like a literal minute to do a simple ab exercise which anyone can do. Or just pump out some jumping jacks. There are also countless quality body weight workouts available on youtube.

  12. The sec isn't the fbi. They can't come in with fifty armed agents.

  13. I have a PS5 but have not yet seen a real reason to have one. Seems they are still releasing everything on PS4.

  14. I get that feeling as a PC owner. It seems like anything I want to play comes to PC eventually so I'm not really missing out on much.

  15. Kinda surprised reddit is still all over the alpha dog pack theory bullshit even after the guy who popularized it in the first place said it's bullshit based on faulty studies.

  16. The claims that it's bullshit are also faulty.

  17. I didn't say it applied to canines. You're literally arguing all by yourself.

  18. Cars are an opposite scam from the stockmarket. When you buy a car you get one car, but at the cost of 3 cars and those 2 other cars are sitting in some secret lot and they only exist to push prices higher.

  19. How do extra cars increase the price? Huh

  20. You produce 300 cars, each 100k$ retail. You manage to sell/lease only 50. Stash 200 cars to a hideout (there are companies for stuff like that) and use them as a collateral for loan or other investment. Then keep trying to sell another 50 cars for that 100k$.

  21. Is it confirmed he still has a short position? I wouldn't think he does when he supposedly short sold at like $300+

  22. Impossible to prove because there's no need to report

  23. If the govt can't afford to pay for everything with taxes then it needs to be trustworthy enough to borrow money. If the loan is defaulted on, it gives the lender the right to come seize your resources. It's the exact same as the current system.

  24. This is how it should be. At some point osrs needs to implement a hard pity system.

  25. Looking forward to 100% Drs and the stock still being shorted

  26. It isn't going to burn without a physical revolution. And aggression has been bred out of us so I doubt we will ever see meaningful change for the better

  27. We are in a technical depression so it's not surprising

  28. Living in EU, I can tell you grocery prices rose almost double in just one year, fuel and energy not far behind. I don't know where do they get these numbers from, but I wish I lived in their alternative universe.

  29. It's manipulated to make the govt look not so bad. It's common knowledge

  30. Is it legal to use for us citizens?

  31. If you have to ask that question, bisq is not for you.

  32. Lol God forbid I want to not get penalized by the govt. Fuck you

  33. This is so sad for so many old ppl who just wanted to retire.

  34. Why? Someone who is nearing retirement age should have a portfolio that is mostly shock proof. Real estate, bonds, etc.

  35. lol and how would they have "internationally diversified investments"? I would be surprised if one told me that the answer to "Do you hold some broadly diversified stock ETF like SPY IVV VTI etc?" among old Lebanese was other than "dafuq?" (In Arabic) for 0.1% of them. My family members are mostly university-educated people in a peaceful country where financial infrastructure to hold foreign investments exist (i.e. they CAN buy these ETFs if they wanted, they CAN create multiple broker accounts, the mainstream services EXIST in their country, etc.) and they do not do it because it is completely outside their domain of competence. But old Lebanese, in a war torn country, should easily have a shock proof portfolio? Lol. These reasonings are why many people see no use to bitcoin. They live in another universe, an universe where everybody has a 401k a Roth IRA a Vanguard/Fidelity account and a superb financial planning understanding. And a job paying 100k dollars/year, after all that is a very common salary range worldwide.

  36. It's not my fault they don't know how to invest or make so little they can't get ahead in life.

  37. "I came to this country with nothing but the clothes on my back and 24 words in my pocket"

  38. Hypothetically wouldn't you still be shit out of luck if all you had was the seed words? You still need a means of getting a wallet, likely incredibly quickly to make purchases.

  39. Uhhh... Wtf is this? Shareholders hire CEOs. Board members can fuck right off unless they have enough shares to make a meaningful vote.

  40. In the guardians of the rift minigame, why does the amount of runes I craft seem to vary so much? Sometimes I'll craft like 100 fire runes, sometimes it's like 400 fire runes. As far as I know I'm not doing anything special.

  41. But if I DRS I can't sell calls on the boring weeks

  42. Dawg, I got the email. In the disclaimer they said you could lose your money loaning out shares. Are they tryna skirt these institutional shorts over to individual investors?

  43. It's like loaning Bitcoin. You don't own it anymore. So if the shorter goes bankrupt your shit is technically gone.

  44. Wrong. You can sell it at anytime.

  45. Wrong. That implies the broker is solvent.

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