1. Increments of 4 Sour patch kids. It's about 15g carbs.

  2. There are several Facebook groups! I can send you some links if you're interested.. I'm a doula with T1 and always love to share what I can with T1 moms.

  3. That would be wonderful! Thank you❤️

  4. I do more weight training, but am making a conscious effort to rotate in more conditioning days and see if consistently doing that has an impact.

  5. I am also very very active and 25. I consider myself healthier than average minus the diabetes lol. My heart rate was 90-100’s for about the first year after diagnosis and even after I had been exercising again for around a year. It’s a few years after diagnosis and I am still physically active 5-6 days a week and I think my resting heart rate goes between 70-90’s

  6. 100%. What ever the opposite of FOMO is, I have that 😊

  7. A dessert buffet. All the desserts, until I explode.

  8. I've seen greater spikes when I eat carbs with gluten with my dinner 🤷🏽‍♀️ if I eat something that's rice or potato based with my veggies and protein, there don't tend to be drastic spikes for me.

  9. Best to rotate sites as much as possible. When I was younger I only used my lower belly and got so much scar tissue and a big area of lipohypertrophy that made me so self conscious. It was a weird pooch basically. My Dr said it would only go away with surgery, but when I was pregnant I stopped using that site entirely and now it’s just post pregnancy loose skin & not as puffy. I switch between upper arms, hip, thighs and upper abdomen/below the rib cage

  10. Thanks for the info! Will be rotating regularly!


  12. This is very informative. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I'll be honest, I always feel like this. Like people do not get how all consuming it is. Around the time of my diagnosis, my brother thought he had some weird disease people get from ticks, which makes them unable to eat red meat (weird AF). I swear, it was just world crushing. Turns out it wasn't that serious. But me? Nada. I thought maybe they'd do their own research, ask me questions, check on me? Nope. And I feel weird injecting in front of them or bringing T1D up. It's like it's just super uncomfortable for them to acknowledge and accept. So I 100% get it.

  14. I had a pump before I was pregnant, and it was absolutely critical to my pregnancy being as successful as it was.

  15. I wad diagnosed 2 years ago with LADA which is progressive. I was managing with metformin for about a year, but wasn't happy with my numbers. I'm still not where I should be to make sure the baby is safe, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly because I'm still learning 🙃 my endo brought up the pump at our last appt. And I think that's the best way to go.

  16. I was experiencing the onset of T1 diabetes and the stress on my body caused TE. If you know what's triggering it, that's super important and helpful. Unfortunately, it's just a condition that has to be patiently ridden out. Once it starts, it has to go through the cycle. I know it's hard to hear and frustrating in its unhelpfulness, but being patient, kind to yourself, and reminding yourself that it's not going to last forever, is extremely important. It will be okay❤️

  17. I was very high risk and had idk how many specialists working with me throughout the pregnancy. My blood sugar was never a real big issues. Not as much as the preeclampsia and other complications. I recommend using at least a level 2 hospital. One with specialists that can help you and the baby the entire way. My daughter was born with very low blood sugar which was expected simply bc I’m type one and she was compensating her levels during any highs I had. I had c section and she was born alert and well. They did of course have to stable her sugar but it didn’t take long. For precaution, she stayed in nicu for monitoring.

  18. I'm so sorry it was a hard situation. I hope you and baby are at a better place. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice❤️

  19. First and second trimester were a breeze. Lots of lows and random 3am snacks. Third trimester is uncomfortable and can be disheartening once the insulin resistance kicks in.

  20. Thank you for sharing this❤️ it's very appreciated.

  21. I'm a LADA diabetic. So it's progressive type 1.

  22. It's way thicker now! I'm pretty positive it was brought on while I was experiencing T1 diabetes symptoms. My body was just so stressed. Once I got that under control, it started coming in. If you think it's TE, there's got to be a trigger. I hope you're able to pin it down. I promise, if gets better when you know the cause and how to handle it.

  23. My husband’s endo recommended waiting for the rapid insulin to be out of your system if possible, or to go before meals. Usually that’s 3-4 hours after giving it.

  24. I noticed when I had this issue, if I ate something small with a bit of carbs, it helped. Say a fried egg and a slice of toast. I know you said you didn't because of stomach issues, but maybe you find something small to eat that won't mess you up. Your high BS in the am, could be contributing to your stomach issues. Just a thought

  25. This is a great point. My diabetes educator told me it's a good idea to eat within 30 minutes of waking which should help with my high BG in the morning. I wake up at like 430am though 😭

  26. I really am grateful for the detailed responses. These will all be helpful in fleshing out a realistic experience. I appreciate you all!

  27. Someone who does not have curly hair wrote this book.

  28. Did the white hairs turn your normal colour eventually? If so, how long did it take? Thanks :)

  29. Not all of the regrowth is white, about 50%. It's definitely more dense now, but I still shed quite a bit. Not as alarming an amount as it was though thankfully.

  30. Did the white part ever turn to your normal hair colour? Thanks for your reply :)

  31. No. But I'm also in my mid-30s and started getting greys in my late teens

  32. American Preditor is one of my favorites. Looking up the others now, thank you!

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