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I figured you people would know. Is there a makeup that would help me cover my scar? I'm rather self conscious of it and I'm tired of it being the first thing people notice.

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So buff, wow

  1. Are these frame exact combos? They are remarkably in sync

  2. holy shit this is far to high effort for this page hahahaha

  3. he knew about the marth PS pose and still got nuked yeah lmao

  4. Holy shit, my tag is WhimsyBTW and I thought I had my first debut on the subreddit 😂

  5. Nice tube and lots of cool stuff in that room. My only suggestion would be to move the speakers and subwoofer to a more optimal spot.

  6. First on my list when I get a better entertainment center. It's kinda whack that the only spot I have right now is "in front of the tv" lmao

  7. what promts do you even have to put for it to make nsfw furry art? Ive tried it myself and it never really would let me get nsfw

  8. You need to use the correct AI. Any of the main public ones have a thousand rules to stop them from making porn.

  9. haha, dope to see my stuff get enough recognition to get re-posted LOL

  10. I saw this and the whole series you made on the discord. What are your prompts, negatives, steps and model?

  11. Is that a true spike or some invisible ceiling glitch?

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