1. Shudder…this was the only rice my mother used when growing up. It just tastes like dried out, days old rice. She hated cooking, it was easy to make, so that is what we ate.

  2. Strange dog, tight location- you had a right to be concerned.

  3. What if a guest comes over, bends down to pet the pitbull after being assured it was friendly and didn't know the rules of the "lip game"?

  4. The professional service dog organizations do their own breeding and have puppy raising programs. The dogs are evaluated multiple times along their early life and all throughout their training. Dogs that don't pass the highest standards are culled from the program despite the resources already invested in them. These organizations are knowledgeable and equipped to evaluate and train dogs. The average person has no such time, money, or expertise to accomplish the training of even a well-bred and well-raised dog, let alone those genetic/health/behavioral train wrecks that are available at shelters. The whole "get a shelter dog and train it yourself as a service dog" propaganda was invented solely to help empty No Kill shelters while setting up disabled people for failure. What an evil double-cross on the disabled community (and landlords and the public).

  5. You are absolutely correct on this. True service dogs are held to such high standards. Friends with guide dogs have to have complete trust in the animal they are working with.

  6. Yep. I raised 4 puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind (over about six years. One year each and 2 breaks between dogs). By the time they were six months old they would be going to school with me. They'd sit calm and quiet under my desk. At restaurants they wouldn't even try to eat food off the floor. All four were labs, but not like normal ones. Specifically bred for guide work so much more laid back. Three of them became guides, one was removed from the program due to health issues and adopted by my family. He died in 2020 from kidney failure

  7. That was so good of you to do, raising those wonderful dogs for such important work.

  8. Ha ha, just kidding, our wool shirts are miserably itchy. We're wearing wool pants too and we can't wait to sit around the campfire and tear off all our scratchy clothes.

  9. You know what is better? Seeing little kids happy at home wearing their PJs and not in the hospital wearing bandages after being mauled.

  10. This happened to me with a set of 9 Mexican fence post cacti after a severe storm. They were all on the ground at angles and it reminded me of tourists at 2 am on Bourbon Street.

  11. Black widow. Caution with these- they are very good at hiding. Things like boots and gloves that might be kept in the garage or shed should always be kept in sealed bags. Use gloves when moving pots- it’s easy to disturb one if you put your fingers where you can’t see.

  12. It sounds like an impulse purchase/adoption. Working full time? How is that going to provide the consistency a puppy needs to become housebroken? How can they give a large dog the exercise it needs as so not go bananas in the house. Now factor in a dog that is half pit. The potential for aggression and house destruction is higher.

  13. I refer to that ride as the Scare-us Wheel.

  14. Oh no. That's awful. Owls nest in those palms.

  15. I didn’t know that. Poor bats.

  16. I see no utility or entertainment value from podcasts. If I want to listen to someone talk about something, I invite a friend over and I will listen to them talk. Even better, I can talk back to them; it's a two-way conversation.

  17. I find podcasts to be useful when I cannot sleep- that scourge of aging. One that isn’t people chatting is one of my favorites-

  18. "Maully"...best take on a common dog name. So appropriate.

  19. I've only watched a few Dodo Pittie Nation videos (I could only take so much) but they seem to follow a formula:

  20. And the tragic part is, average people believe all this. And then they post online about their dog being reactive, biting boyfriend/mom/visitor/cat and oh, we have spent 4K on trainers and medications and oh what should we do, Nala growls when I am holding the new baby.

  21. The white paste that came in a little pot with a spatula in the lid.

  22. I had forgotten about that paste. It had a faint wintergreen smell to it.

  23. Just to reiterate, I'm talking about filling up a bucket with a couple of gallons of water and using eco friendly products. Basically, not that different from taking a long shower.

  24. I do a bucket wash in my garage, too. I use two buckets- one is used for rinsing out the rag and it keeps the other bucket of cleaning water, well, clean.

  25. Keep calling. Ask who you are speaking with and make sure you let them know you are writing down the date and time you spoke with them should someone be attacked and there is a paper trail showing you alerted them to the problem.

  26. I recently was able to get rid of old nail polishes and started a little with my jewelry.

  27. I am definitely going to take a before and after pictures (I was wondering if posting pictures to this group is an option)

  28. That is a good question- I don’t know if pictures are on this subreddit.

  29. The doodle breeding is honestly a plague. There are a lot of backyard breeders profiting off of ignorance (which is something I was hoping to help correct with the initial post) and the dogs end up suffering, as usual. People buy doodles being told their coats are low-maintenance (they almost always need to be brushed thoroughly and daily) or that they’re hypoallergenic (hahaha) or that they have hybrid vigor (lies!) or that they’re somehow better than either of the breeds they originated from. Doodle owners usually buy them because they’re cute and then fail to keep up with the required maintenance and training and it all gets so bad that many groomers have stopped accepting doodles as clients. I’ve seen on this sub that some people think they’re the “anti-pit” dog and they’re really not… there’s a lot of weird overlap between pit mommies and doodle people. Fortunately aggression and prey drive are virtually never problems with doodles so at least there’s that.

  30. I’ve been in contact with a poodle breeder, starting the search for a new dog. She states flat out, We don’t do doodles. Only standard poodles and we breed for health and behavior.

  31. It’s hard to find a non pit bull in shelters these days. We got our chiweenie from the shelter 10 years ago but I rarely see them there now and if I do, the poor dogs are very, very old and usually go to foster homes.

  32. My grandfather was born in 1910 but he was the second youngest of 11 kids. My great aunts and uncles were quiet people and I got the impression life was not easy as a kid growing up in a coal mining town, that life was much better when they all moved with their mother to Pittsburgh. Most never married. My mother told me that one sweet, shy uncle, who worked at Westinghouse, had to go to work in the mines as a little boy, before they moved to Pittsburgh. Everyone had to help support the family after their dad died. He opened and closed mine doors for the mules and carts of coal. He was shy and small and teased- and not in a kind way- by the bigger boys and men working in the mines.

  33. Necco wafers are the only candy I know that tastes stale before you buy them.

  34. I’m glad the vet told her straight. That is so traumatic for cats and that pit owner is an idiot.

  35. Thank you for sharing the follow up- it's like a Hallmark movie but in real life! I am so happy for your mom.

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