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  1. Why is Diglett ultra rare? I really wanted to shiny hunt it, but with full shiny odds and with 1 Diglett per continent it's almost impossible to even try :c

  2. I'd really like to see their profits from these compared to the old boxes.

  3. Have you downloaded all the assets and refreshed the game data? The .2 update fixed the lag for me 🤔

  4. Depends on the meaning of "tough love", but I could imagine seeing potential for more success in the employee than what they're currently achieving, to push them to be better.

  5. You could make everyone cheer for them saying that they were only X amount of minutes that day when they arrive at work.

  6. Not a social worker but a bachelor of social services, so I work under the decisions of social workers and see them quite often in meetings. I work in foster care for children.

  7. It's not bad though, I'm tired of people saying this, it's your wifi not the game buffoons

  8. Kind of funny how all other games that require split second precision work just fine with the same internet connection. The sole exception being PoGo PvP.

  9. Get support/help button in top right corner at options

  10. They shouldn’t be giving out premium passes for GBL issues. At most it should be something like a regular TM

  11. I believe this is a fair compensation as people use premium passes for GBL, and if they lose the battles due to the lag, that's a pass wasted.

  12. PvP in Pokémon Go is absurdly shoddy. Niantic need to pull it from the game until they can actually get it working as advertised.

  13. Or at least turn off the competitive nature (ratings) of it until the issues are solved.

  14. Yeah, I agree. That’s what they tried to do recently, but it seems like they made absolutely no progress.

  15. I had so high hopes for the interlude season too. I don't know if it was me, but GBL did seem to run a bit better in the early summer than in september-now? Excluding the absolute trainwreck that it has been since the most recent update...

  16. This would make getting shinies so much faster when you wouldn't need to stop at every cluster of pokemon spawning, shiny checking all of them and then continuing your hunt. You could just pick the cherries without stopping or putting effort to checking pokemon at all.

  17. Yeah. After the latest update the lag has gotten out of hand. It was bad earlier, but now it's absolutely ridiculous.

  18. Interesting. I haven’t seen that yet. Thanks for letting me know!

  19. If you want to see it, try combining Pikachu Libre boots with different kinds of pants. I think those boots clip like crazy.

  20. I pray those pants won't clip with the level 49 boots

  21. If you bake a cake for a party but drop it on the floor, clean up the mess and bake a new cake before anyone notices, did you drop the first cake on the floor?

  22. Boxes that are not an absolute rip off like they've been for a while.

  23. I want a source or some kind of consensus. There's even a contradiction right here. You said it's updated once a day, other guy says it's every couple hours.

  24. You're clinging to semantics and you know it.

  25. Not everything has to be a return to whatever Niantic/TPC stated with exploring.

  26. Niantic's vision of the whole game is to encourage exploring, excercise and social interaction, stated by Michael Sterenka in an interview earlier this year. Remote raiding supports NONE of these points.

  27. So ready to attack Niantic before any details are released. Can you at least be patient with the pitchforks? I promise you can still get the first stab.

  28. Breath calmly. I just stated my confusion, as they've been going towards the "old school" pogo with the controversial changes this year. Yet now it seems that they're supporting remote raiding further if they release a new box for it.

  29. Yeah. Just had 3 matches in a row where the game freezes IMMEDIATELY after the 1st fast move.

  30. For two seconds I thought it was 29 USD and almost shat myself.

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