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  1. It isn’t a bad deal if you want to stock up on egg incubators. Although I never have that many coins and refuse to spend real money on the game.

  2. But it is a bad deal. In easter of this year we still had an Adventure Box that cost 1480 coins, and included:

  3. Does this tactic still apply when you reach rank level 20?

  4. Yes. From rank 1 to legend, you can start doing it any time

  5. Not really, you can just keep going as if you won 4/5.

  6. As long as there are whales and people who go "I dOn'T kNoW, tHeSe SeEm To Be PrEtTy GoOd VaLuE tO mE!", we can only dream of better boxes.

  7. There is a blizzard warning outside? Looks like it's time to GO! Stay safe and keep crying nerds!

  8. Oh you'd like to use the weekly 1 coin remote pass?

  9. Lose 50-75 battles at first. So all battles for 2-3 days.

  10. Wait so is it 7pm PST or EST because this screenshot and the link you put in a comment say different things

  11. Link is correct. My bad on the meme.

  12. I applaud you for keeping the text so civil.

  13. The challenge is for referrals, not referrals accepted.

  14. This year alone they've actively, knowingly caused more problems than they've ever solved.

  15. Cunts with no respect for human lives.

  16. And before anyone suggests it is the internet connection; no it is not.

  17. Or the Unkillable Soldier by Sabaton

  18. Idk, the problem is that the system could be abused. If someone saves up like 50 wins and decides to cash out on a triple stardust day or stardust from GO battle league is tripled, they could get like 130,000 stardust from that

  19. Other redditor pointed this out as well. There'd need to be adjustments for that to avoid brekaing the system.

  20. Really like the weekly deal -idea. It would keep the shop "alive" and worth coming back to, to check what's in the store!

  21. the rewards have been abysmal for several months now

  22. I have absolutely no idea what piss in the wind means, but I have a strong sense that I still agree.

  23. again, when was I "upset" or "crying about getting downvoted"? I don't give a shit about karma, it's just internet points

  24. The point is that Starmie is a boosted stardust encounter to go with the free starpiece.

  25. The stardust could be a reward from the research breakthrough itself, it doesn't need to be tied to catching an useless and disappointing pokemon.

  26. How about having only one elite raid at the south pole once a year and it lasts for 5 minutes, in-person only?

  27. If it makes you feel better, IVs hardly play a role in a Pokemon's performance. Like the difference between a 0-15 attack IV is about 5% damage. The 20% shadow boost makes shadow mewtwo one of the top pokemon in the game, even with 0 IVs (which is impossible too since the min IVs are 6-6-6)

  28. Thanks for the comforting words, this is just a joke though

  29. The only legendary thing about this box is the absolutely ridiculous price.

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