1. Really cool! Congrats on the accomplishment!

  2. Grave of the fireflies. Oh boy….

  3. In this case yeah but in more complex cases subgrid can be pretty useful, when you have more rows/columns with dynamic content that you want to align

  4. This! Maybe I should have created a more complex scenario. My bad.

  5. Ohhhh, an article about an unsupported CSS property, did I miss the news about full browser support?

  6. I mention that it’s not supported broadly. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing with it.

  7. Grid is horrible if you have an unknown amount of items.

  8. That’s what auto-fit and auto-fill is for.

  9. Really useful! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm loving Kyrie Irving's game but I still don't think the earth is flat or vaccines are bad or black people are the "real jews" or whatever crazy shit he's spewing on his social media. I'm doing the best I can to ignore his off court identity and just enjoy the fact that he's a wizard on the court.

  11. choose a different team maybe? you're not from Memphis, no reason to be loyal to 'em.

  12. width and height are the image’s intrinsic sizes, i.e. their actual file dimensions!

  13. An example would be awesome! Thanks!

  14. I use the actual size or a ratio. Then Next works it's magic 😊

  15. That’s also what I’m doing, but I’m not sure it’s best practice :)

  16. It doesn’t work with styles-components for now. That stopped me from trying it out.

  17. I agree with the advice on trying Angular. That’s why I love Frontend. There’s a framework for everybody. Want a ton of flexibility, go React. Want a mature, heavily opinionated framework that allows you to just focus your creativity on the actual problem you’re trying to solve, go Angular.

  18. It wouldn't be a json file then, now would it?

  19. json5 is already broadly used by libraries just for this purpose.

  20. With support for package.json, I’m curious how many codebases will be tempted to migrate to deno from Node.

  21. Yes please! We need more people to read this. Too often people are being jerks in reviews. Lack of empathy usually surfaces in PRs unfortunately.

  22. Both WebStorm and VSCode are awesome. Depends if you prefer a ton of customisation or you want to use something that comes with everything(batteries included).

  23. Statically Type Links are awesome! Can't wait to try them out.

  24. I can see the hesitation for pre-commit (in the spirit of "atomic" commits that may not be ready / may not even compile) but I'm a fan of hooks for pre-push. That's establishing a baseline of quality for sharing code with others (which is what pushing is!).

  25. If you squash commits, it's not a problem at all because branch commits never make it into the main branch. It's also the only actual reliable way to ensure that mainline commits are atomic, since PR's usually are.

  26. I see your point. It’s not always the case that the commits are squashed though. Also, in the example, I tried to make the thing pretty fast. It adds very little to your commit. Maybe 3 seconds. This because your commits should be small anyway, and checking linting and tests for a small commit is not time consuming at all.

  27. Ow. Sorry for that. I’ll be more considerate. Thanks for flagging.

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