1. Your website font for mobile is pretty small, very hard to read. I've stopped reading the article because of it.

  2. Let me know what device and browser you’re using, and I’ll make sure it looks good. You can also use the zoom feature of your browser. It should adapt fine.

  3. It's a Sony Xperia 5 ii, that's probably why it was so small

  4. We’re using NativeScript now, for many of the same reasons you mention. We’re a small team already using Angular and TypeScript. While I agree performance was an issue, using OnPush and “component directives” helped a lot! But I don’t think we’ve had issues upgrading NativeScript or Angular. Maybe some code adjustments, but nothing big.

  5. Interesting. What kind of app are you using it for? Do you have Swift/Kotlin knowledge in house?

  6. Great article. I'm in a similar boat of maintaining a large web app and wanting to bring native mobile apps but not wanting 3 codebases in different languages, as that is a huge effort for me as a single maintainer.

  7. Definitely evaluate. Let me know if you need more info. If it didn’t work for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for you.

  8. With the exception of Live Radio stations and radio shows, most other library/non-library music do scrobble fine regardless of whether you purchase Last.fmᐩ or not.

  9. I’ve been using Arc for a few weeks now. It’s quite nice and very different. A good challenge.

  10. I saw a verge article on arc but did not read it. Is there something specific about arc that makes it special?

  11. It changes the way you use your browser. Look it up a bit, I wouldn’t do it justice. I always enjoy apps that challenge the status quo.

  12. Can we have some system that Runs angular update scripts and creates pull request when new version is released? Repetitiveness of that process every 6 month gets to me

  13. You can, but chances are if you have a decently large application, it's gonna need quite some extra work. For me at least, it never just works.

  14. I wouldn’t suggest always updating new release every time, you don’t really always need. Also, some package don’t support.

  15. I'm not sure I agree with you, but also, the article is not about updating Angular.

  16. Depends on which one you are comparing Avax to? Arbitrum one and arbitrum nova are slightly different to each other.

  17. Arbitrum One. That’s the one used for DeFi right? That’s where Aave is deployed.

  18. The counter at the end of the page is counting twice the visits, try refreshing the page and you will see it.

  19. I know. It’s because of Server Side Rendering. On the list of to-fix

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