1. Like what?. I have it, along with a few others and it's no better than the others.

  2. It can take a while, my RMA took 3 months. Like was said, contact Don or Dylan, they will be sympathetic to you. Best of luck. I personally couldn’t wait, so I bought a Daab, now I have two awesome units. BTW the Daab is amazing.

  3. I’m stoked! I’m hoping sealing issues aren’t a problem with mine or that the other carb cap I picked up resolves any leaks. Friday is mail day 🤗

  4. The silicone ring on the og carb cap works great and seals completely. If you don’t get one with your kit they’ll send you one if you ask. I never had to buy another type because this one works so well.

  5. I’ve never dabbed before, so it’ll be a fun way to cap off a busy week

  6. That’s unfortunate, I’ve ordered stuff from both Cream City and Moonshot and had excellent service and shipping. Was very happy with the transactions.

  7. I wonder if you could contact someone like Mephisto Genetics and see if they might help with saving some of the strains and bringing them back to the world. Sounds like Mr Wolf was super cool and you were blessed to converse with him. Best of all to you.

  8. You need to scrape all that white stuff off into the garbage, that shit will make your head feel all weird.

  9. I got it: I moved over to using my mini iPad, it had never been used to try connecting to the Focus, downloaded ms edge and set it up to not use DuckDuckGo, went to cartabrowserdotcom, downloaded, went to focusvcartadotcom and by gosh IT WORKED, selected my devise type and number, downloaded software updates, named it, put two pictures on it. OMG

  10. If you haven’t I’d remove and re download the app. Then try it again if that still doesn’t work then go into your settings and go to Bluetooth click the blue link if you don’t see the link you might need to update your phone it should say allow unknown Bluetooth connections then go back to the app and try again if all this doesn’t work go on discord and go into CARTA app and the developers will help you connect it.

  11. Are you using an iPhone? This stuff doesn’t sound at all familiar. What is discord? Sorry, dumb questions probably but gotta ask…..

  12. I got past that now, but the Bluetooth still won’t work, it says “turn on Bluetooth and location”. Bluetooth is already on but I’m not sure what part of location they want on.

  13. U wouldn't happen to have like a chrome book or somn would u? Or even an old android u can use wifi on? Cause that iPhone shit seems to be a problem for ALOT of people

  14. Figures, been an apple guy since, I swear, 1984. Was an Apple IT Tech for 25 years at a company, I still don’t know shit it seems like, of course when the company is fighting against you that makes it a tad bit harder.

  15. Really sorry about the wait, this is most likely for an RMA I'm assuming. We just got that 3rd wave of replacements in, it's been a bit difficult with manufacturing and logistics due to external conditions. Did your representative hook you up with some extras? If not let me know and I'll make sure you're compensated fairly

  16. Hey Don, just got the new base, it was only the base. I’ll try to provide a little paper trail for you: maybe invoice # FV67147. I actually communicated with you on Nov 8 (and multiple emails with you and Dylan since) and sent my base in on Nov 12, but then you moved and didn’t tell the post office to forward your stuff, so it sat at the post office until they finally sent it back to me. Then I sent it back to you again on Dec 20th. I finally got a new base today, Jan 17. It’s not been the most fun ride but I got it done.

  17. Love this! Proving it is a weed and that sweating the small stuff doesn’t really matter.

  18. Use an Ooze hot knife and the dab falls off the tool on its own

  19. The iSpire Daab is an excellent rig. Great hits, easy to clean, no atomizer to mess up, rechargeable and removable batteries. Not as many issues as the focus and puffco. Excellent price.

  20. You have unusual looking plants and they have no tact. Don’t take it too hard. If you’re having fun and getting high keep on keeping on.

  21. Amen and Thank You. I wasn’t hurt, I’ve been here a long time and even longer in this plain of existence.

  22. Those look like they don’t get any oxygen, do you have an air pump in your solution under your plants?

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