1. I would return it. I know somewhat of a hassle. I’ve had cheaper pads I’ve tried ironing out with a lil water and maybe it was my iron but it didn’t turn out well. It wasn’t the same after. Sorry you experienced this.

  2. I've returned to many amazon things these days I'd rather not. Also this was the last one from the main seller and it's all sold out.

  3. i really want a laptop under $1000 CAD just for lighter gaming such as minecraft with shaders, fortnite, stardew valley, and i would reaalllly love to emulate twilight princess as well. i don't want a really expensive laptop but i also want a decent quality one that will last me a while and be worth my money.

  4. Around $100 USD depending on if you want rgb and an aluminum frame. This model specifically is almost sold out (Not Sure when they'll restock) There is also many other variants available right now. Here is a link to the one above.

  5. My current laptop is a MSI that I purchased in 2015 and it has been great. Have they gone downhill lately?

  6. Your cpu score is shit cus you have single channel ram. Especially only 8gb. Grab another 8 gb to make it 16gb and dual channel then you'll notice a significant increase

  7. would it make that much of a difference? my gf’s laptop has a 5900HX and she started with a single ram stick of 16gb. after adding a 2nd 16gb…her cinebench score didnt get that much better…only with like 50 points

  8. My cpu was at 7k with single channel 16gb and 10k with dual channel . Also just having 8gb ram decreases it by alot

  9. yes, the student fees and tuition you owe is under "Account Balance & Payments". tuition doesn't include the books though you'd have to look for the Find My Texbooks tool


  11. Buy this for $700. It has a rtx 3060. It only comes with 8 gb of ram though so you should buy another 8 gb stick for about $35. Also mabye upgrade the 250gb ssd if your gonna play alot of games.

  12. If i were you i would just do 3 semesters of 4-4-3 classes, do spring, summer, and fall semesters and you are done. Trying to squeeze in 5 or 6 classes in a semester will just lead to bad grades and possible failure. Its better to just take it easy and do another semester.

  13. Just to let you know, STAT 1123 from what I know does not transfer. I would drop that and keep the 3 considering 1220 and 1174 are very challenging, some of the most challenging at Langara for first year. Do not underestimate Econ it’s a lot of work and many people struggle. I would recommend spacing it out a bit more (take these in different semesters with easier courses) so you can maintain a good GPA. Remember it’s not a race and GPA matters more than finishing fast. 5 classes is definitely too much, everyone I know who attempted 5 either failed one or dropped one. I’m taking 4 right now (including Econ and Stats) and I find it to be challenging so 5 is definitely pushing it unless u have super easy classes.

  14. I searched it up and stat 1123 does transfer. (If you can double check please ty.) And I need stat 1123 as a prerequisite to take the other stat course which is required. Also about spacing, I'm wondering if I can take bcap with my other classes at the same time as the prerequisite is to have 30 credits which Is why I have 10 courses in the first 2 semesters. Is it possible to take it with other classes so I don't have to take 5 in a semester and can do a 4-4-3?

  15. Noticed others getting better undervolting figures and it turns out mine was set to - 40 not 50 as I thought.

  16. Anything you do to the cpu before running the test? I usually get around 11450 for the gpu and just barely over 10000 for the cpu. Overclock on the gpu 175 core 600 memory. No overclock for the cpu just an undervolt of -50 in the bios. All on the laptop internal screen. Anything I can do to improve my cpu score? My ram is corsair vangeance 3200 mhz one is 1Rx8 other is 2Rx8. Perhaps it's cus one is dual rank and other is single? I doubt it though.

  17. It's built in. Sync can be disabled but not removed

  18. Its not a throttling issue, when I benchmarked them it was zero degrees ambient, I figured if I had to heat up anyways id mine some crypto in the process.

  19. As long as you have the 24, you can transfer whenever.

  20. Ye but for your first year you usually do 30 credits at sfu right?. So should I do the 24 transferable credits then an extra 6 transferable credits?

  21. Yeah, sorry. I definitely should have made that earer. Lol. Thanks for the help!

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