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  1. If your team was a D&D class it'd be Human/Fighter. The kinda team that walks into McDonalds for a glass of water.

  2. Any weapon is viable. I don't care. My basic bitch flail took me all the way. Turning basic weapons into legendary items due to association with my character is my headcannon.

  3. That Brushwork is clearly done by an AI. Even if it's not, your style is too similar so you should change it.

  4. It could be that older readers are generally more critical in reviews and it was a misguided attempt to stave off harsher comments.

  5. Maybe? They were mostly grossed out that someone in their 40s was reading smut about a 22 year old (character who shares the same name and a few traits of the real person) because an older person shouldn't be sexualizing this person. It came off as they believe the character in their fic is just like the real person and that their smut fic wasn't sexualizing them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't get it.

  6. The Opening of Twilight Princess. I adore the game but it's such a slog to get to the first dungeon and actually out of Ordon.

  7. Feraligatr is a personal favorite fusion. Just a good mix of hilarious and deadly. Like a bulldog.

  8. Your scope is too small. Power scaling in general is cringe.

  9. Do you imagine the void wont show up if you refuse to finish it? Either way you wont read anymore new material. Personally if I get the itch I just look up fan content, or go back and re-read some favorite chapters or moments. Good memories and all.

  10. Really worrying about IV/EV only becomes a necessity in the post game. Certainly doing IV/EV stuff will make your run easier, but I was able to get through just fine without worrying too much. After the Elite 4 though I had no choice.

  11. Is this all in one day or once a week? (Will they be showing a episode a week?)

  12. By premier he means it will be released all together in theaters to be seen at once.

  13. I biased to space imagery and Elite: Dangerous is a screenshot printer.

  14. It completely depends on who interacts with them first. If Saitama happens upon them first Ainz will probably realize the danger before anything happens and back off into isolation or something helpful to preserve Nazarick. However, If Genos meets them first his sense of justice might trump reason and force a fight. I wont speculate on which side will do more damage but if Genos gets hurt then it's over for Nazarick unless Ainz can do some fast talking.

  15. It's not great, especially on a mono bug team where it compounds your fire and especially flying weaknesses. IMO the good WT exclusive bug types are:

  16. Hard agree on at least Mantrake and Scythear. Those two were staples on my team in a regular run let alone mono-bug

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