1. Depends on your activities. Weightlifting would mean joint protection. D3 and K2, unless they’re in your multi. Zinc and copper at decent dosages, hopefully they’re in your multi.

  2. Well than drive to the nearest village and give them out for free

  3. Sick little puppy trying to justify his creepy twisted desires in a moral veil. Pathetic little shallow man

  4. These are native Russians. It is like sending Native Americans to war. Those are exotic beings that should not die for Putin. They need to flee.

  5. We shall hope this war can eliminate at least a few.

  6. I don't find the premiums justify the volatility. Take a look at TWLO. Currently at 107

  7. You can make decent money on far OTM strikes if you aren't too greedy

  8. I've had thoughts of this myself, but in the end I come up with I'm selling premium on a company I want to own... So in the end in accumulating a position while creating earnings through the wheel. You also have to take into consideration taxes on earnings if you're ok with the taxes paid on said premium out of pocket rock on if not withhold 30/40% for drawn down and taxes. When I finally have 100 shares I would roll CC's on those as well above whatever your average is to generate more capital for the next set of shares. Compounding is beautiful. Other option is spreads in my opinion.

  9. I was wondering this also, if when you do have 100 shares that you bought with premium, you plan on selling CC on it right? But than don't you risk losing all those shares you worked so hard to earn with premium? Or would you just do CC on ridiculously high prices to have close to no risk of assigning and if so, close position before getting assigned?

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