"I'm proud to be racist..." This is how black people are treated in Israel.

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  1. I got em outdoor too. They don't seem to be doing much. Haven't figured out what they are yet, you got a good pic of it. Lemme know if you get an answer

  2. Fuel, oils and coolant. Cars don't go well without em. Make sure they're in the car. Preferably thier tanks

  3. No, he was going to do an air kick spin, he looks in the DIRECTION of the guy, but it’s only to adjust his cord so it doesn’t get caught

  4. 21g was found, it's the fact there was scales and bags in the car too that has me a little worried

  5. Maybe argue you don't like being ripped off an like checking weights. If lil deal bags in there might be harder to argue that point.

  6. Well it's my own fault if they do me over the bags etc, kinda asking for it driving around with it so I guess I'll just have to cop whatever they decide

  7. Yes reverse and pollen collection. I didn't have a good start to this season after going away for a few weeks during seedling stages so I'm not stressed just yet. I'll see how my next runs m/f ratio is and if it's rubbish I'll do another seed grow

  8. Yeah ok. During veg an that they're pretty malleable an can hack a lot. I mean might stress herm, but that's full male by the looks and even stressed males will throw pistels. Stress shouldn't change somethings genetic disposition.

  9. Nyora pizza offers 15 different styles of parma. Hardly an illusion.

  10. Yes, in the world populated by parmas you cannot vote for a Lego brick covered in sauce.

  11. Do you feel like people on both sides of this debate are just dying to feel like they're better people than the ones who don't agree with them?

  12. Yup. 100% dude.. at the end of the day no matter what your take on it. It's another wedge to keep the people divided.

  13. Ah I feel for her here. That sucks and it’s sad she’s on her own.

  14. Yeah I'm the same. Had a chuckle an then seen how long she stood there and thought, yeah, I've had those, "oh, well that's fucked now" moments. Poor lass

  15. Nope! Northern European. Apparently I’m not of European descent because I have brown eyes though, so I’m trying to figure out where you guys think I’m from

  16. Ah yes northern Europe... But that doesn't reaaally count as Europe though does it? All the way up there with all its fuck all? Haha

  17. Damn! I wonder when the rest of the world will wake up to the real conspiracy! The English and Scandinavians aren’t really European but are actually parasites sent to destroy Europe from the inside!

  18. Well the English heritage is a muddied up bunch of affairs isn't it? I don't even know how many different peoples have ruled it but at a guess like 6 maybe? Scandinavians a bit of a different story. But what do you do, you exist and so does this post. We're now in a paradox. One must go. You or the post. There can be only one

  19. Don't loot it. Leave it there to burn. How will someone claim insurance? Shellfish jerks.

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