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  1. Passen deze ook onder een Z3? Vraag dit voor een vriend.

  2. Deze lijken mij minimaal 18s, zou ik persoonlijk niet onder een Z3 zetten. Zelf vind ik 17s perfecte maat op E36 chassis

  3. How can this dude play WT on this quality but I can't run mine for a non-supported videocard issue.

  4. Poffertjespan van gietijzer. Lekker gezellig poffertjes bakken voor een kring verjaardag.

  5. Of als de kring verjaardag minder gezellig wordt, als effectief slagwapen

  6. There are restrictions on how big a car should be. These should be deemed too big. They are too difficult to see around and therefore unsafe.

  7. With that logic trucks and vans should also be banned. Most of these times vehicles like these are registered in the same category as larger vans. Since they are on plates they comply with all set laws. There is no reason for these to be banned

  8. If your “car” can’t fit in the designated parking spot for private cars, then it shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

  9. people also drive around in vans as people carriers, or contractors in their work vans (also the biggest group of people that drive pick-up trucks like these). they comply with the set laws and have every right to be on the Public roads. Cars are getting bigger and bigger because that is what the average buyer wants. they want as much space as possible. and to be quite honest. Parallel parking spots are often too narrow, even for smaller cars. In my area there are spots where even a Golf 3 would stick out for atleast a good 40centimeters. Could he have chosen a better parking spot? possibly. Should these vehicles be banned? no.

  10. Is it just me or did he miss the majority of those punches?

  11. Bro with that FD even I'd be willing to date you, so when arr we going out?

  12. I made this drawing for my boyfriend for his birthday! I’m hoping he really likes it! I added 2 pictures of the car and the type of wheels he dailies on the second.

  13. Is this a joke about how m52 was the last reliable engine?

  14. I can't help but sing along to the Intros of Family Guy and American Dad they just make me smile

  15. California is good to the homeless

  16. I love wheels that looks like that, do those types of wheels have a name?

  17. The bodywork on my e36 will cost the price of the car this april. If you don’t have the right ammount of money, then bmw-s are not for you😩but it’s also true to all cars, not just bmw-s

  18. Oh I know what I got myself into, blownshocks the moment I bought it and lacquer that came off of the trunk, still worth every penny

  19. This might be a really dumb question but how do you figure out your diff ratio?

  20. By going out and driving I suppose, record it amd make it look cool/underground for people to get hooked on it again

  21. I just don't understand Naval, I've been trying to play the US Blue water fleet a bit and for some reason the enemy appears to be shooting with lazers. And all my shots miss big time. Once everywhile a shot hits and does practically nothing. Can someone please tell me how to work this game mode and make atleast a little bit fun

  22. And you also have to line up the horizontal lines on the target eventually it should automatically start to lead the ship once the happens you are good to fire

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