1. I sent my application in to NYS on 5/24, they approved and issued my license 8/31; three months and a week. I would literally call every two weeks and ask them what the status was. NYS takes an excruciatingly long time.

  2. I applied 5/25 and it’s currently sitting in final review with “Processing Unit 3.” Did you follow up with them regularly also?

  3. Nope. It was a giant mess of NYS saying I hadn’t sent in this or that, even for things sent in multiple times, or new issues with things sent several weeks prior. It was moved to “final review” about a week ago, but the license has not been issued yet. Its now 13 wks since I submitted the application to NYS.

  4. I think I totally resubmitted my transcripts and everything when I sent in my application for licensure but only because it had been 6 years or so since I submitted them to NASBA and I had read somewhere that they purge transcripts after a certain amount of years so I thought it best just to resubmit everything.

  5. I passed with a 76! The ratios were easy enough, just remember some of the basics like Current Ratio and Quick/Acid Test Radio. My biggest tip is to use your common sense as you go through the exam. Think about what ‘make sense’.

  6. Ugh howww?! I’ve been studying BEC for 2 months and the highest I can score on my MCQ review is a 68… I test on Saturday and I think this is the most unprepared I’ve felt before an exam.

  7. 80 on REG with 2 weeks of MCQs and now I’m doneeeeeee. I decided to wing REG because I work in tax anyway, to save myself a summer of studying, and the gamble paid off! I’m freeeeeeeee!

  8. Damnnnn 2 weeks!? That’s impressive, congratulations!

  9. Waiting for my AUD retake score. Took a busy season hiatus and am hoping not too much material has leaked out of my ear. 73 in December 😩

  10. I think a lot of what got me complacent/understudied was: 1. Surgent after the assessment quiz saying they would only recommend 60 study hours, 2. burnout from FAR, and 3. a solid Ninja trending score.

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